Today I am thankful for NOT having few things. First of all I am thankful for not giving up. 

“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.”- Gina Showalter.

I run a dance school because I tried to be a choreographer as I love dancing.

I am a freelance dietician because I tried to stay in touch with my field of education.

I am a blogger because I tried making a website on my own as I love writing.

I run marathons because I tried to be a runner.

I can bake cakes for my family because I tried learning until I got them right.

So, it is all about trying and not giving up. And I am thankful for NOT giving up.

  • Today I am thankful for NOT being IMPATIENT.

One thing which I learnt from my dad is – Patience. He was a very patient and calm person. He handled tough times with patience and smile. And I guess kids learn a lot when they see their parents handling a situation in a particular way.

When we came back from the US, my elder one was 4 and the younger one was just 4 months old. I started my dance school and was also doing my M.Phil. And my husband had a very busy schedule. I used to handle a toddler, a baby, my dance school, and my studies and manage home too. My family and friends used to ask me- “Where do you get so much patience from?”

So, I am thankful for NOT being impatient.

  • Today I am thankful for NOT being a fake friend.

Anybody can be a friend, but only some can be a good friend. Friends who stay with you, friends who understand you, friends who are not fake, and friends who are there when you need them the most.

I know it’s very rare to find a person who is real and who gives you a right direction when you are lost. If I am your friend, I can keep secrets and also trust you with mine. I will never hurt somebody on purpose and I will never leave your side unless you give me a reason. So, I am thankful for not being a fake friend.

What are you thankful for NOT having? 

This week’s prompt is

Thankful for not having