Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Some have great plans but some see it just as any other day. While it’s said to be exclusively for couples but I believe it’s for anyone you love. It’s the celebration of love and the loved ones.

Now my question is to all the moms out there – How are you planning to celebrate it? Any special plans or still confused on where to go and what to wear?

I can help you out with the outfit ideas. Today I am sharing some cute and simple ideas to dress up this Valentine’s Day.  Look and feel your best in these simple dress ideas.

Formals with a twist–

As 14th Feb is a weekday this time and if you are going to be working late, why not make little changes to your formals? Try a pink shirt instead of common white or any other pastel shade. Pink is my favourite colour and this baby pink formal shirt looks cute with a formal suit too.

Something red –

Red is the colour of love and it’s definitely a good idea to wear something red on V-day. This cute red dress can be worn as it is or can be paired with a shrug in a black or blue colour. A perfect dress colour and dress idea for a romantic dinner with your hubby.

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Floral for the day of rose –

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with chocolates, hearts, candies, and roses. Red roses are a way to say ‘I Love you on this day, so, Why not something floral for the special day? Dress it up with walkable heels, stand out earrings with red lipstick and you are ready to sweep your man off his feet all over again.

Something different –

It’s a day full of red, white and pink with a lot of hearts and laces and ruffles. If you want to do something different, why not go for a different colour? This little blue dress is a good change from the typical colours. Carry a clutch and wear your peep toes for that perfect look.

Ethnic wear –

How can we forget our Indian wear when we are talking about dresses for moms? There are so many choices these days in Indian wear too. You can mix and match different pieces to create an outfit. You can go for an Anarkali or a beautiful and simple saree. Just pair it with beautiful accessories and you are ready to go.


I know what you are thinking. Why think so much of a valentines dress? Right?

My question is – Why not?

What if you are a mom? Dress up and go for a date with hubby for a change. There are many ways to show your life partner that you care and getting ready and looking pretty is one of them.

It’s a day of love and celebration of loved ones. Celebrate it with your loved ones and make them feel special.

If you have any other ideas, do let us know. Wish you all a very happy Valentines day!

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