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It’s festival time and celebrations are around the corner.  It can be expensive, and sometimes the expenses can often come in the most unexpected ways. Parents often spend a lot on various things in the first year of birth itself and slowly these expenses go on increasing. I am sharing some money saving tips for moms this festive season.

There are some things like baby diapers, formula milk, wipes, clothes, or medicines that are a necessity but there are some things that take us by surprise.

So how to manage the expenses and how to calculate all your spending and savings during festivals?

money saving tips for moms

There are different ways to keep things under control-

  1. Make a realistic budget– It’s better to make a small budget when its festival and celebrations time. A budget gives you an idea of how much you want to spend that particular month.
  2. Write down all your expenses- It’s not easy to write down every small thing but it’s important to write down your big expenses every day as this gives an idea. You will not miss anything that way and also you will have a record for yourself.
  1. Make a shopping list- I am an impulsive buyer and sometimes buy more than required. To keep a check on this, I make sure to carry a list with me whenever I go shopping. This way you know what all to buy and what all not to buy.
  1. Online shopping – I love shopping online as it’s much easier for moms like me who do not prefer to stand in long billing and trial room lines. You do get great deals online but take care of small things like – Check for return policy, check for cash on delivery option and also it’s better to compare prices on different websites. money saving tips for moms
  1. Save on travel- Festivals are a time to travel and sometimes can be very expensive. Book your tickets online and it’s better to book before time to save on hotels and flights. I shared some tips here to book cheap airline tickets.
  1. Think ahead – While buying clothes and shoes for kids, do not only think about the size, and the style. Rather than simply buying for style and fashion, try to find clothes that offer a bit of room and also allowance for growth spurts. There should be room for the growth spurt and this will ensure that your kids can keep using the clothes even after going through several growth spurts.

  1. List of essentials– There are some things which cannot be ignored and something’s which can be taken care of later. A list of essentials helps us to get a fair idea of all the things we need to spend money.
  2. Gift shopping– It’s always better to buy gifts beforehand especially when it’s a discount period or sale period. Online shopping is better for this as you are saving petrol money too.
  3.  Bulk buying- Things like groceries can be bought in bulk as you know during festivals you need a little extra. It’s better to buy all the important stuff in bulk for the full month together. Sometimes you get a discount on bulk orders too.

money saving tips for moms

  1. Cook at home – Festival time means food and if you want to save money, try to cook at home. It’s not only healthy but also saves you money. Going out is convenient but won’t save you money.

Festivals can be quite expensive, but so long as you stay prepared and think ahead, you’ll find that there are many ways to work around the costs that are necessary. Hope these money saving tips for moms were helpful.

How do you save when it’s festival time? Share some tips with other moms.


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