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In 2001 October, we moved to the US for my husband’s job. In January 2002, I came to know about my pregnancy. I still remember the time when I was expecting my first one and we had no clue about who to ask, and which hospital to choose or which doctor to choose for labour and delivery.

Finally, we zeroed in on a good hospital after a lot of research from our friends. Most of them had a good experience with that hospital. I had a normal delivery with both my daughters and luckily it was all smooth but it’s always not this easy.

It can be a confusing time for parents as they want to choose the best hospital and the best doctor for these 9 months and after that too. Pregnancy and childbirth are the most amazing experience. It can be challenging or you might feel it’s like a roller coaster ride but there is no experience like this one.

I am sharing a few points with you which can help you to make a wise decision-

  1. Ask for references– First of all, do your research. It is always better to do your research and then finalise. Ask your family and friends for references and their experiences. You can also check for reviews on various online forums.
  2. Proximity- Next step is to check the distance of the finalised hospitals from your home. It should not be too far from your place as convenience matters a lot when it comes to you and your baby.
  3. Visit the hospital– After you find a hospital which has good recommendations and is not very far from your place, the next step is to visit the hospital. You can also ask the hospital staff to give you a tour of their hospital. They can arrange for a small guided tour of the maternity ward, delivery room, and all the labour and delivery related places.
  4. Doctors Credentials– Now when you finalised the hospital, it’s time to choose a gynaecologist. Ask for a doctors list who handle pregnancy, labour, and delivery in the hospital. Always check the doctor’s credentials and his experience in handling all kinds of cases.
  5. Normal vs C-section– The number of Caesarean deliveries has risen in the last few years as compared to earlier times. We hear a lot of stories about moms who had an unexpected C-section and were unprepared for it. The problem is that many hospitals or doctors do not guide you properly about both the procedures. Do not go for a planned C-section until and unless it’s very important. When you are checking the right hospital for pregnancy and delivery or a doctor, you can always check about their normal delivery to C-section rate. 
  6. Ability to handle emergencies– The hospital should be prepared to handle all the pregnancy and labour related emergencies. Ask if they have a 24/7 service available to handle emergency situations.
  7. After birth-This is another very important point which should not be missed. Find out if they provide an in-house paediatrician immediately after the birth or not. Most hospitals have in-house paediatricians and it’s important to choose one beforehand. Also find out about the baby-related nursery, neonatal centre, nursing/lactation guide, and all other specialists to take care of the baby in case of an emergency situation.
  8. Budget- Make sure to ask about the finances and the total cost of delivery and aftercare. Ask about medical insurance policies of the hospital too. It’s always better to clarify all the money related matters beforehand. You don’t want to make a decision and regret later.
  9. Visitors– You can check with the hospital about the policies related to the visitors. Sometimes they don’t allow people to stay at night, so, it’s better to check if they will allow your husband to stay at night or not. According to the policies, you can inform your family and friends too who want to visit you at the hospital after the delivery.
  10. Medical procedures– It is always better to find out about the following things-
  • Ratio of a normal delivery to C-sections performed in the hospital
  • The number of cases with epidurals, inductions or other such birth related things.
  • If it’s your second pregnancy, it’s always better to ask about VBAC or vaginal birth after caesarean. There are a few good hospitals which perform successful VBAC and are breaking the myth – Once a C-section, always a C-section.

One such hospital which is famous for normal deliveries and also for VBAC is Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research, New Delhi.

Choose right hospital for Pregnancy

The Maternity Program at this hospital provides all-inclusive care for pregnant women and their families.  I came to know about this hospital through one of my relative who normally delivered after VBAC. At Sitaram Bhartia, you will be supported by an in-house team of Gynaecologists who will be around to guide and support you at each step of your pregnancy. They also have antenatal classes which prepare you for your pregnancy, labour and delivery.

Right Hospital for pregnancy

Doctors and Gynaecologist at the Hospital

The highlights of the hospital-

  • One of the lowest caesarean rate.
  • Experienced and highly qualified gynaecologists.
  • Highly trained labour room nurses.
  • 24 Hours speciality doctors for your safety.
  • You can schedule a visit to the hospital and see for yourself.

Right hospital for pregnancy

Antenatal class at the hospital

A good hospital and a good doctor makes all the difference. So, make a wise decision. Choose right hospital for pregnancy and delivery. 

Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post but all the thoughts are my own after visiting the hospital. All decisions should be taken only after checking it with a professional.