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Birthday parties, celebrations, milestones and achievements are all reasons to plan a party.  I wrote about creative ways to celebrate a birthday party a few days back and thought of sharing my party food ideas with you.

Keep these points mind before planning the menu for the party–

  1. Try to make it colourful and presentable.
  2. Avoid heavy food items as kids normally do not eat too much in a party.
  3. Try making finger foods which kids can easily eat and enjoy.
  4. Make everything ahead of time as it’s difficult to manage kids and food at the same time.
  5. Last but not least, be creative.


This is a list of food items or dishes for kid’s parties-

  1. Popcorns– Believe me, kids love popcorns. You can try different flavours. Make cheese popcorns, chocolate and caramel flavours. Keep separate bowls for each. It is something which is easy to make and can be made beforehand. 
  2. Sandwiches– This list would be incomplete without the mention of sandwiches as my daughters love them. Try not to make big ones. Make bite sized triangles which can be easily eaten by kids. You can be creative in the presentation and I am sure kids are going to love it. 
  3. Cake pops– This is another thing which is an instant hit at kid’s parties. You can make these beforehand easily and you just need sticks or straws to make pops. You can use different colourful and decorative stuff like stars and sprinkles to make them look attractive. Party
  4. Fruit skewers– My daughters call it fruit pops as they resemble pops in some way. This is not only fun but also healthy. A great way to get kids to eat fruits. It is easy, and no hassle thing which only needs little creativity. Try including different colourful fruits to make it look attractive for kids. You can also cut fruits in different shapes too. Party
  5. Mini pizzas– Pizzas are always a hit with kids. As we are talking about easy food items, mini pizzas are not only easy to make but easy for kids to enjoy. Try making different ones like cheese, veggie, and chicken pizza for those who eat non-veg. Party
  6. Mini burgers– Kids love burgers but when it comes to a fun kids party, its always better to go for small size as they will be more interested in playing than in food. You can use small burgers buns available in the market and add a small vegetable cutlet inside with some cheese and sauces. Party
  7. Fruit Mania– This one is invented by me when I had guests a few days ago. A very easy recipe and as all the kids in the gathering loved it, I thought of using it for kids parties too as a dessert in the end. I made it with Mangoes as it was summers but you can make it with any fruit. See the recipe here. Mango
  8. Cheese toasties– Kids and adults both love this one, that’s why it is a common food item in my parties. Easy to make, healthy and looks attractive. What else you need? These are very simple, just add veggies and cheese toppings on small pieces of bread. I will be sharing the recipe soon. Party
  9. Corn chaat- Kids love corns and there is nothing as simple and yummy as corn chaat. Mix boiled and cooked corn kernels with salt, pepper, lemon to keep it simple or mix different ingredients like onion, and boiled potato to make a chaat. Party
  10. Fun popsicles- You can make popsicles in different flavours. You can simply freeze fruit juices in different flavours to make ice popsicles or you can mix different flavours together. Pour it in the Popsicle mould and get fun ice popsicles ready in some time.

While writing this post, I realised that there are endless ideas to be creative for a kids party menu. I have much more and will surely share some more soon.

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