I love shopping and the new craze is online shopping for me. I think one thing which I buy a lot online are clothes. Online shopping has made the whole shopping experience hassle-free for moms. As a mom, I mostly lookout for good kids wear online. There are many things to which you should pay attention while you shop for kids wear like comfort, size, fabric, budget etc.


When you shop for kids wear, you should use always lookout for good quality. My elder one has very sensitive skin and when she was small, we had a tough time while buying clothes for her. The sensitive skin needs the best quality materials. Cotton used to suit her and it is the best for small kids as it is soft and good for a baby’s skin. Other than the fabric, other important things to check are the zippers and the buttons. Make sure they do not harm your kids and also the clothing should not be very tight or loose for them.


It’s best to buy clothes according to the weather conditions as any problem because of the clothing is the last thing you want. For example, in summers or rainy season, its best to go for cotton, and in winter try to buy woolens or something which is warm enough for the child.

Return policy-

I often used to make this mistake of buying either oversized or small size clothes for my girls initially. But now I make sure to check the size beforehand. While shopping online, there are size charts available but it’s hard to judge well and buy clothes. It is better to know the return policy when making a purchase either online or otherwise. Actually its always better to go for a size bigger than the actual size as the kids grow really fast.


Kids grow really fast and often moms have to run to buy and bigger sized clothes. So, it’s always better to not buy very expensive clothes for your little one. Other than the fact that they outgrow them really fast, we cannot forget the wear and tear of the clothes. While you shop for kids wear, it’s better to go for non-expensive ones for daily use but for party wear, one can go with a little expensive one.


It’s always better to buy at the end of season sales as you might get some great deals on some good brands. Also, during a festive season, you can get some great discounts. I know it’s not easy to judge a child’s size but you can always buy a bigger size that can fit your child later if you are really getting a good deal.

Mix and match

I try to buy t-shirts or tops in different colours which can be paired up with any type of denim or skirts. For boys, you can buy t-shirts in colours which can go easily with any outfit. It’s all about making smart choices and later dressing them up using different combinations.

Kids choice-

Last but not least, you can let your child choose for themselves once in a while. Later anyways, they are going to have their own choice. When my younger one was just 3 years old, she used to have preferences and her own choice. She loved wearing skirts and frocks. A child who is happy with what they are wearing is a happy child.

Shopping for kids wear is fun when you have so many options available especially online. These were a few of my tips to take care of while buying clothes for kids. This list is from my personal experience as a mom.

Do share your tips with other moms about how you shop for kids wear in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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