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Diwali is a time to celebrate, to enjoy with family and friends and to cherish all these moments. I love parties and celebrations with loved ones and strongly believe that we should celebrate each and every small moment in life. Diwali is the perfect time to invite people and also visit them. I host a Diwali party year for my friends and its great fun to have all of them at our place. As a host or hostess, one should take care of many things including, décor, cleanliness, food, games, and gifts. It’s a good idea to involve kids in the preparations as it helps them to learn about the festival.  

I am sharing 5 different ways/ideas to host a perfect Diwali party this year.

  1. Select a theme– As obvious the main theme will be a festive theme but you can choose a colour theme for everything. The decor, crockery, and clothes can be according to the theme. I have planned a gold and silver theme for this year and asked my friends to include it in their costumes too.
  2. Décor – I do not like too many artificial decorations. It is always better to go with fresh flowers and natural stuff. Different types of candles can be used to give a perfect festive look. I have got this bandhani print table colour online to go traditional. Flowers, candles, traditional prints for cushion covers, bedsheets, and curtains are few ways to give your home a perfect festive look. 
  3. Games– One of our all-time favourite game is Tambola or Housie which even kids like to play. Other than this many people love to play cards. Some other games which you can plan are – make a rangoli in which you can divide people into teams and they have to make a small rangoli with colours in the given time. Whoever makes it first is the winner. One more interesting one which I am planning to have at my Diwali party is the sweet game in which you can give an equal number of sweets to all the guest and make them sit in a circle. It is like passing the parcel. When the music stops, the person with a parcel gives one of his sweet. In the end, a person with maximum sweets win.
  4. Food- There are endless food options when it comes to Diwali. You can start preparing sweet and savouries a few days before the festival. Homemade sweets are always better than the one we buy from outside. Plan a starter which can be a mix of chaats, the main course can be a mix of our typical Indian cuisine and it would be incomplete without a dessert. Do keep some juices and mocktails ready too. You can also plan a potluck party and divide the food items among friends. A few days back I wrote about 7 tips to feast without guilt this Diwali.Diwali party at home
  5. Gifts– Start buying Diwali gifts beforehand to avoid any last minute rush. Plan a budget and go according to that for everything from food, décor and other stuff. There are a lot of gift options available in the market. It’s better to avoid sweets as gift items as people normally get a lot of sweets for the festival.

These were few of my ideas for a Diwali bash. How are you planning a Diwli party at home? Do share your Diwali party ideas with us.