We all have some happy days and some not so happy days. There are days when we are little moody and don’t feel that good. I surely have days like this when I don’t want to talk to anybody and like to be alone. Surely, there are things which make us all happy and change our mood. I also have few such things that not only help me to change my mood but also make me happy. Sharing a list of my mood boosters that I am thankful for –

  1. Good food– I am a foodie and the good thing is my husband is also a big foodie. There are people who do not eat when they are angry or sad but I am the opposite. I eat more when I am sad. Not only eating but cooking makes me happy. Anything which diverts your mind is a mood enhancer. Food tops the list for me.
  2. Music and dance – Do you know I have a small boom box in my kitchen? I love listening to songs and songs are always playing in the background even when I am writing. Dancing also is something which can change my mood completely. When I am dancing, I forget everything.
  3. Talking to my daughters- I love spending time with my daughters. Although one is a teen and a tween, with a lot of mood swings themselves, it’s fun to be with them. Now they are more like friends to me and it’s nice to hear their stories about school and friends. As they say, you cannot be sad around children. I agree completely and they both are bad mood busters.

There are many small things like a good cup of tea, a hug, a chat with a friend, a call from a loved one and going out in the sun which are also helpful when I am not feeling too good.

Shopping is also one of the mood boosters that I am thankful for and it makes me happy. I am sure all women are going to agree on this one.

What about you? What are the things that improve your mood?

Mood boosters that I am thankful for