I am part of a ladies dance group which we named – Dancing moms. All moms are between 30-40 years of age. This New Year’s Eve we all performed and there was a new entry in our dance group. This mom is 47 years old but the way she performed, nobody can say that she is really 47.

Today, this mom is featured in my creative mom series. Introducing, Sudha Vijapurapu who is a classical dancer and is a trained Kuchipudi dancer. She is a commerce graduate with a Diploma in Computer Applications. She got married after completing studies.  Started training in classical music vocal -Carnatic style and violin instrument from an early age of 6 years.

Classical Dance

As a child, she always wanted to learn classical dance. Joined Bharatanatyam classes at the age of 13 and obtained a diploma in this field.  Since then she has been teaching dance till she got married.

The marriage resulted in a break from dance for 14 years due to the responsibility of family & kids.  Once the kids grew up her passion towards dance drew her to Kuchipudi (another dance form). Initially, it was very painful and difficult after so many years of marriage and kids. But with sheer determination and dedication, she was successful in bringing back dance into her life.

Classical Dance

Sudha with her husband and 2 sons.

Now there is no looking back. She is enjoying her dance and it is an integral part of her life. I asked her few questions about her creative life-

What is your training or background in dance?

 I am a trained classical dancer in both Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi form of dances.

Classical Dance

Performance at Isckon Bangalore

Did u attend any classes to learn the dance?

Yes, I learnt from the renowned actress and a Kuchipudi dancer Smt. Manju Bhargavee.

How long u taught? What age group u prefer to teach?

I like teaching and have been teaching for last 10yrs.  All age groups above the age of 6yrs.

Classical dance

With her students in Miri, Malaysia.

What all struggles u faced?

The most challenging aspect was to bring back flexibility in my body when I started dancing after a break of 14 years. It was difficult and painful as I was dancing after a long time. Also, I had kids and family to look after but I really wanted to bring dance back in my life and I am glad that I got it back. 

Most important tip for other mompreneurs?

Hold on to your dreams and achieve them.

What is your vision? Where do u see yourself in 5 years?

 I have already started dance classes for children under the name ”Abhinaya Kuchipudi Kala Kshetra”. In 5 years’ time, I would like to see my school infusing classical dance into the younger generation.

Classical dance

Performance at Miri Indian Association – Diwali Function ( Malaysia)

Describe dance in 3 words.

Dance is a window to culture.

What is your inspiration?

 I,   myself.  My craze for dance and never ending thirst to learn more dance forms. 

I found Sudha’s story inspirational as she brought her passion back into her life. As a choreographer and dance teacher, I know it’s not easy to get back to any dance form after so many years. I salute Sudha for her determination and love of dancing.

Through this series, I bring stories of moms whose stories are inspirational and can help other moms. Sudha’s story teaches us to hold on and never give up on your dreams. Many of us give up on our dreams just because we find it difficult to manage everything but the trick is to think positively and go on.

Classical dance

Performing at SBI Program at Visakhapatnam

She has been teaching dance for the last 10years and will continue teaching.

Apart from classical dance she also teaches folk dance and Bollywood dance.  She has done a film based dance program for the State Bank of India, Visakhapatnam which was a big hit.

To know more about Sudha or her dance classes, contact her at sudha_v70@yahoo.com.

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