Creativity is about creating beautiful stuff and also about enjoying what you do.  I believe creativity is in everything we do. A painter, dancer, actor, architect, designer or a baker are all creative in their own way.

I am starting a new series about ‘Creative moms’ – moms who are creative and inspiring. The first person to be featured in creative mom series is a home baker – Monika Srivastava who runs her own baking business called “BAKE ADDA” from her home. Creating beautiful cakes is an art and Monika does a great job at it.

Monika, the home baker


She has two beautiful daughters and manages her cake business successfully. She also takes baking classes for beginners.

How did you start baking business?

I was a homemaker but always wanted to do something. Meanwhile, I was working in a Montessori school for two years. I wanted to learn something new but didn’t know what. One day at school I met a lady who was a home baker. I was impressed because cooking was my passion; I started baking simple things but was not an expert. So I told her that I wanted to learn baking properly. She told me about a few institutions from where I could learn. After learning, my friends and relatives started telling me to bake cakes for them. And I started getting orders from my friends and friends’ friends. That’s how my baking journey started.

Did you go to any baking school for learning?

Yes, I went to Lavonne baking institute Bangalore to attend weekend classes. And also Cook and bake with Deepali Sawant. I have learnt a lot from both the places and feel honoured to be associated with them.

What is your hot selling product?

My hot selling products are chocolate cake and fruit cake, but whoever tasted my tiramisu and chocolate mousse cakes on my recommendations they liked it a lot.

The most beautiful creation by Monika. A fondant cake in the form of a rose ordered by a mom for her daughter.

 What is your inspiration?

My inspirations are mainly Master Chef Series, and the cake artists who are quite famous on social media.

Most important tip for new bakers and struggling mompreneurs

Tips I want to share with beginners in this industry-

  • Do not compromise with food quality.
  • Keep learning new techniques.
  • Practice will improve your work quality.


What is your vision? Where do you see your baking business in 5 years?

In the next five years, I want to see myself as a fine cake artist and also want to attempt cake competitions on international levels.

What all challenges you faced in the starting?

I faced many small challenges but the biggest challenge was related to money. I sold my cakes at a  very low price as I sometimes felt guilty for asking for money from my friends. And people used to contact me to learn for free and still sometimes do so. Last but not the least, I didn’t know how to do marketing for my products. Still, I am learning and each cake is a challenge for me.

The lesson from Monika’s journey as a home baker for mompreneurs- Anything is possible with hard work and determination.

You can see more of Monika’s work on her Facebook page here. Contact her on Facebook to know more about her or to taste her yummy baked goodies.


I will be featuring creative moms every month in this space. Get in touch with me here if you want to get featured or know someone who is a ‘kreativemommy’ and doing something creative that needs a shout out.