Nowadays we all have so many things which make our life easier and fast. We do not need any big gadget if we have a good mobile as we can easily store our music, files, pictures, videos etc. and use it as a clock, timer, and a stopwatch too. So sharing a list of few Indian apps I am thankful for.

Few apps I am thankful for are-

  • I love clicking pictures and also making changes to them later on. My favourite photo apps are Google photos app where all my pics are stored as soon as they are clicked. I also like pic monkey to make creatives. There are many other which I use for making collages and basic editing. Also read, how to click good kids pictures. 
  • I love shopping and thankfully some shopping apps are so convenient and make our life easier. My favourite is Amazon app which sends deals and sales info time to time. Return and refund are also easy.
  • I love the ease of getting my groceries at home and for this two of my favourite apps are – Grofers and Big basket. Both are online grocery apps and have good range and variety of products. They have good service and on-time delivery. They both provide good quality fruits and vegetables too.
  • I love music and my favourite app is Saavn and Amazon music app for online songs. It gives you the choice to download songs for first few days too. I can easily find songs on it for all genres and in different languages.
  • I love reading and writing as a blogger. Sometimes, I am not able to read or write as it’s difficult to be online all the time. My favourite apps for writing is WordPress app as I get timely notifications and also for the ease of reading and replying to comments on my blog from my mobile. As a blogger, I love Canva app which helps me to create wonderful creatives for my blog.
  • I also want to mention this one more app- Mycity4kids app. This one helps me to get timely updates and information about events going on in and around the city for my kids. Also one can learn a lot from all the mom bloggers who write there. It is a very helpful and useful app for moms and dads.What are the Indian apps you are thankful for today?