New year resolutions are an opportunity to reflect on ways to improve physically and emotionally. We all make many New Year resolutions every year and some succeed some don’t. It’s not easy to follow all your resolutions when you are a mom. Your planning not only involves you but your kids and family too.

I made a list of resolutions which moms can easily follow–

  1. Spend quality time with kids – Sometimes I feel we moms try to fit in everything in a limited time period and end up not doing anything properly. It’s better to give uninterrupted time to kids and family once a day. Decide a time when you can keep your phone aside for some time and spend quality time without getting worried about your work or any phone call or messages. During this family time, give your kids a hug and make them feel special, play games with them or just chat.

Resolution – I resolve to spend uninterrupted time with my kids and family every day for some time.

  1. Follow a hobby – I feel it’s very important for moms to follow a hobby or a passion. Find some time to do what you love or just find and try something new. A hobby can actually make you happy by removing all your stress and clear your head. You are surely going to feel renewed and recharged.

Resolution – I resolve to pick a new hobby this year and stick to it.

  1. Eat healthy – I know we all resolve to eat healthy not only at the starting of the year but throughout the year. But how many of us actually succeed? First of all, remove all the sweets and junk from your home and bring in some healthy snacks. If you eat healthy, you can inspire your whole family to eat healthy and stay fit. Follow by example and start slow. Make small changes first and slowly include healthy food items in your meals.

Resolution – I resolve to eat healthy and also teach my kids to stop eating junk food.

  1. Exercise and work out – To work out regularly or to start an exercise regime is the most common resolution which most people make. I had to include this one on the list as I strongly believe that moms should take good care of their health. Exercise is one thing which can help to keep many lifestyle diseases at bay. It can be anything, daily walk, run, jog, and go to a gym, dance, Zumba or aerobics. Just start something which you can easily do and also follow regularly. Remember to take small steps and slowly increase the pace.

Resolution – I resolve to include strength training in my daily exercise routine and continue with my Zumba and walk.

  1. Be happy and positive – This is the most important resolution which every mom should make. There are so many things around us which are overwhelming and drain us out but the trick is to smile and stay positive. Remember to take a deep breath and try solving everything by staying calm and cool. Difficult times do not always stay and if you are happy, your family is happy too.

Resolution – I resolve to practice meditation and breathing exercises to stay calm and positive.

2017 was an amazing year with a lot of things to be thankful for-

I published my first E-book – Parenting tips and tricks. My blog got a good number of visitors and my followers increased on all my social media accounts and blog. My website got published in 100 top Indian blogs of 2017 and also top 300 mom blogs worldwide. I also got featured by FlipKey by trip advisor as expert travel mom blogger.

 Here’s hoping to achieve more and grow more in 2018 too. ‘Grow’ is my word of the year.

Wish you all a happy and successful new year too. May you all grow to be wise, happy and proud.

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