You can do anything if you try and if you put your mind to it.

This adage is true for our next creative mom whom we are featuring today. Introducing to you, Surbhi who is a doctor turned writer and a mom of two lovely girls. Let’s get to know more about her.


What is your background

I am a homeopathic therapist and a mommy of two lovely daughters. I had more than 5 years of clinical and teaching experience in the homeopathic field. Being a gold medallist in homeopathy I always had a strong desire to practice homeopathy in order to help each patient with uttermost satisfaction and gentle, ideal and permanent cure.

Another side, since childhood creativity is the biggest part of my life. I had started my writing journey at the age of 17 and my work had been published in the various newspaper and reputed magazine. I also love crafting, photography and teaching, anchoring, I had done anchoring of various social and academic events. And after being a mommy, I had added these creative juices in my motherhood journey as well. I love reading, writing, crafting, painting with my dolls.  I do believe that “creativity should be a way of living life”. Being creative brings positivity and optimism in your life.

How did you start your writing journey?

After the birth of my second girl, I had re-started my homeopathic clinic with some bright plans for future. And I have got a great response for the same from surrounding community. But things got changed dramatically, when we have to move from India to the USA around 3 years ago, because of my husband’s job. I am not able to work here because of my visa status.

These were the days when I went into a deep depression. New country, adverse weather condition (here in east America, 6-7 months of years are freezing cold and we had no active outdoor life during this long period) and no work. After battling with these for few months, I had thought that this negativity is ruining my personal and family life and I should start a new journey with hope, positivity, and optimism. I have got some inspiration from some parenting blog that I saw online. And it inspired me to start my own blog, for sharing my parenting journey with others. I believed that writing out and articulating your thoughts is a great way to internalizes something that you have learned or experienced.

Surbhi with her cute daughters

What are your achievements?

As soon as I had started my blog, and gained a positive response from family and friends, I had regained my confidence. I was able to enjoy my motherhood journey more, just because of re-inventing the art of writing in my life again. And then I had started writing for other platforms too. And within few months, my work had appeared on various prestigious parenting and health blogs all across the web. (Red tricycle, today parenting, mycity4kids, parentous, Kidsstoppress, indianamomsconnect) and I had received a great positive response from readers.

Being a physician I always had a hidden desire to share my areas of expertise (homeopathy, health, and fitness) with others, and blogging has given me a golden opportunity to share my medical expertise and experience to help others too. As a next step, I had started a new journey as a health expert. And I had written health and wellness related articles for the various prestigious health-wellnesses platform with great success. Among them,

  • Writing as a star expert for Cure joy is one of the most positive writing experiences of my writing journey. My most of the posts have done extremely well on this reputed platform and I have got an amazing response from readers.
  • After this enriching experience, I have got a special invite from the great Silvana East magazine to write for them. Right now, I am writing as a regular contributor writer for them.
  • Meanwhile, I had achieved my sweetest writing victories as a featured author in elephant journal and Organic lifestyle magazine (both are USA’S award-winning publication and I always had a dream to write for them).

What is your vision? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am really enjoying this new journey as a blogger and as health content writer. I had made some very good friends and met with some really inspiring mommy bloggers (and of course, you are one of them) through my blogging journey. This enriching blogging experience has made me a better mom. And the same thing I want to take on next level during upcoming years. I had a dream of launching my YouTube channel; I also want to write a book for sharing my parenting journey with others.

Share some tips for other mompreneurs. 

I had faced so many challenges in my life as a mom and as an individual too. But I always believed in one thing, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. So if you had a dream, just go ahead, do hard works, and one day, you will get the fruit of hard work.

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One lesson which all moms can learn from Surbhi’s journey – Where there’s a will, there’s a way. So, don’t give up and use your creative skills to stay busy and happy.

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