Joint or Nuclear?

Joint family- A family where Grandparents, parents, and children stay together.

Nuclear family- A family where only a couple stays with their kids.

Which one is better?

It completely depends on an individual’s choice as both have their pros and cons.

We have always stayed away from the family and my kids visit their grandparents only in the holidays. I am fine with this kind of set up but sometimes do feel that kids need their grandparents for a lot of things. I have seen those kids whose grandparents stay with them and there is a difference between them and our kids and I am not saying a huge difference but there are things which only grandparents can teach a child. My parents are no more and the biggest reason for missing them is my daughters.

I really wish they were here with us today and spend some time with their grandchildren.

I feel a joint family can teach kids many important traits like adjusting with others, cooperation, give and take etc. But, if you ask people their views on the topic, of course, they will support either one of two.

On the other hand, Nuclear family has its own pros and cons. Sometimes people take this decision to live separately due to circumstances. It’s better to stay away peacefully than stay together and fight all the time. In a nuclear family, one has to do everything themselves and there is nobody to look after your kids when you are not around. And a nanny or a daycare can never take place of a grandparent.

We cannot say one is wrong and one is right. It all depends upon individual’s choice too. I miss my parents as they are not around but on the other hand, some of my friends who stay with in-laws are also not happy. According to them, they do not like nagging and interference.

All I can say is, “Grass is always greener on the other side.”

This is what I believe-


A family is important and kids learn a lot from other family members. My next post is about empathy and kindness. Stay tuned. 🙂

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