Women love their jewellery and it is a beautiful gift that shows you care. There are a lot of designs and styles available for women. But it’s not that easy when you have to find something for kid’s jewellery. When searching for children’s jewellery gift ideas, you have to look for a gift they will treasure. Jewellery is the perfect way to celebrate special occasions in life, such as birthdays, naming ceremonies, graduation and other significant moments.

Keep these things in mind while buying jewellery for kids-

  1. As kids are not that careful with the jewellery, try to buy from a collection that is affordable and also beautiful.
  2. The piece of jewellery should be made with safety measures to avoid any kind of issues.
  3. Make sure there are no sharp edges and it’s soft.
  4. Keep the kid’s age in mind while buying a piece of jewellery for him/her.
  5. Choose according to the occasion as there are many options available in beautiful designs.

Here are some beautiful jewellery gift ideas for kids-


  1. Earrings in cute designs– You can look for a delicate pair of earrings for a little one’s birthday. There are so many cute designs available these days which are best suited for a child according to the age. Designs like ducks, stars, flowers, bells etc. are the current favourites. Not only for special occasions but these are perfect for everyday wear.

  1. Bracelets – Kids love bracelets and it can be either a chain or something with charms. There are many options in bracelet designs. You can make it a personalised gift by including not only name letters but also charms in the designs kids love. One of the most popular trends is combining simple chains with personal charms. These charm bracelets allow them to show off their personal interests and hobbies to a love for cartoon characters, animals, and much more. 
  2. Pendant – A pendant necklace with a delicate diamond centre for religious functions, or a heart locket for the special bond between a mom and daughter is a good idea. The selection of children’s jewellery gift ideas in the form of beautiful kid’s jewellery at Caratlane has you covered. You can choose from a variety of exquisite materials such as sterling silver, 14k gold, and brilliant diamonds, as well as options adorned with impressive attention to detail in every curve. 
  3. Personalised jewellery – You can choose from personalized options too. This has the option of adding the kid’s name to a jewellery. A unique option they will love showing off to their friends. A personalised piece of jewellery can be anything from a pendant with the first letter of their name or a bracelet with all the alphabets of their name. 
  4. Watches – Other than jewellery accessories, you can choose watches for children. These watches are perfect for the school going kids. There are so many different designs available in watches. Look out for watches with child-friendly parts such as soft bands, easy to read dials, colourful and according to their age etc.

Each piece of jewellery is special and it’s enough to bring a smile to a face. Along with all these ideas, you can also gift them silver eating set, anklets for girls, rings, and bangles. Happy gifting!


*All the jewellery pictures are from Caratlane.