Festivals are a time to live, love, celebrate and enjoy with family and friends. It is a time of endless joy and excitement. In India we have many different festivals and each state has their own way of celebrating these festivals. There are perks of staying in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai or any other metropolitan cities as we get to witness different cultures at one place. I feel it is very important for our kids to see and get involved in all the festivities-

  1. Explain- Tell them the story behind our festivals and encourage them to read about it if possible. Kids actually learn better if they are narrated things in the form of a story. There are many books also available and it’s nice to introduce kids to such books. boy-311392_1280
  2. Get creative – Make things related to a festival together as a family like if it’s Diwali, ask them to paint and decorate Diya’s, make rangoli, help in making other decorations. If it’s Christmas, set up a Christmas tree together, help in wrapping gifts for family and friends. crafting-1081222_1920
  3. Cooking and baking– It is a good idea to get them involved while cooking for the festivals. They can help you out with sweets, cakes, cookies or any other special dishes which you make for a particular festival. They will surely love it when they offer handmade sweets and goodies to guests and friends. cookies-448358_1920
  4. Encourage– Let them participate in various cultural activities going around as there is no better way to learn than this. There are various cultural events planned throughout the year in our society where kids can not only showcase their talents but also learn about the festival. indian-dance-599611_1920
  5. Shopping– Take them festival shopping with you and let them get them in the spirit of the festival. Let them help you in buying new dresses, sweets, decorative items and anything related to festival. So, this is a way to let them be a part of the dazzling fairs and festivals and discover the rich life of India in a very special way. buy-1299519_1280

Filled with endless joy and excitement, the festivals are a time to rejoice, celebrate life and cherish the memorable experience. Things have really changed from our times as we talk about saving water on Holi or not bursting crackers on Diwali. So, let them not miss out on everything related to their culture.

Do you involve your kids in all the festivities? Let me know how you involve them in the comment section below. 🙂

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