I have a favourite adage – “Make your passion your profession and you will never regret it.” But not everyone is lucky enough to get a chance to follow their passions. Some try to make time for it with their jobs and some just dream about following their passion but are not able to do it.

The creative mom whom we are featuring today is the one who got a chance to follow her passion. Her story is a true example of passion+talent+hard work.  An engineering graduate who is doing something different from her field of education.

We bring to you another story of a mom who changed her field and is doing great in the field of her passion. I introduce to you – Anuja Soni, a trained classical singer, and a music teacher.


What is your background?

I am an Engineering graduate in electronics and Sangeet Visharad in Hindustani Vocal music. Somehow felt that a 9 hr office job with little or no creativity is not for me, so decided to pursue my passion.

How did you start singing classes?

I started teaching music when I was expecting my first child in 2004. It was a bunch of 5 kidsI feel happy and accomplished to say that in the course of 13 yrs now, this number has crossed 450 [including kids and adults, who learnt for at least a year]

Did you go to any singing school for learning?

Yes, I completed my Visharad from Sharda Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, (Jabalpur), under the apt guidance of Mrs. Jyotsna Deshpande.

Recently her program was telecasted on Sankara channel on TV

What all challenges you faced in the starting when you started the classes?

When you love what you do and feel passionate about it, no challenge is big enough. Kids are full of energy and positivity, so teaching music to them has always been a pleasurable thing to do.

I take my work very seriously and continue learning new things so that my students get the best. I take my classes from home, but I have designed my classes in accordance with established music schools.

Anuja and her students performing on the stage at a music festival.


What are your most important tips for other mompreneurs?.

Not just Mompreneurs but to every woman – Always believe in your passion. Select a job/work that suits your personality and talent. You will never feel exhausted and worked up. Our work defines us. Work to nurture your passion and to make yourself a happier person, money will follow.

What is your inspiration?

My Mausi, Mrs. Pushpa Soni. She taught me the value of time and the importance of being economically independent, which I believe every woman should be, irrespective of her husband’s/fathers status.  She always encouraged me to do my best and she still does.

Anuja with her family

What are the benefits of music for kids and at what age moms should introduce music to kids?

I can tell from my own experience that I have received maximum happiness and contentment from music. It has the power to help you sail through the toughest times with a smile on your face. Music has the power to heal and distress.

For learning music, I suggest 5+ is a good age to start.Though one can start learning at any point in time in their life. Learning music is always rewarding.

What is your vision? Where do you see yourself and your classes in 5 years?

Hindustani classical music is beautiful and very melodious. Seeing the quality of Hindi film music these days, classical music has again started getting a lot of respect in music circles. Students who are pursuing this art have good future prospects.

I want to spread my knowledge to a maximum number of learners, so now taking online classes on FaceTime/skype to overseas students. In next five years, I expect a dedicated band of my students (vocal and keyboard) performing in and out of Bangalore. Nothing much. Just want to teach good and genuine music.

Anuja performing live on the stage


If that’s not enough, I must tell you that she is an internationally certified yoga trainer too.

What lesson other moms or women can learn from Anuja’s journey?

If you are passionate about something, go follow it. Be patient and do not expect immediate results. It is all about being at aright time at a right place and opportunity can knock at any moment. Do not think too much as overthinking can weaken your decisions. Trying is the first step to success. 

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