Reading is a great habit which can teach a child many things. Good reading habit is important for a pre-schooler as this is the time when they start learning through books. But we must remember that every child is different. There are different types of readers too. Some are slow readers and you will always find them with books, on the other hand, some are fast and impatient readers.

I have both types at my home – My elder one is an avid reader and my younger one is an impatient reader who likes to finish the book fast. She finishes a book so fast that sometimes I wonder if she really read the book or not.

I believe the habit of reading is one of the best habits. I also shared my thoughts previously – How to encourage a child to read.

I love reading and used to read a lot of books when I was expecting the elder one. As a mom, I tried few things to get them interested in reading. I am sharing them with you today –

  1. Read to them – The most important point for the starting. There are soft cover books available for babies. Let your baby touch and feel the book and as these are specially made for them, you don’t have to worry about it being spoilt or torn. Start reading to them as early as possible.
  2. Involve them – Buy a big picture book for toddlers and babies. Point at the pictures and ask them questions. Picture books are the best when they are small. They will get a liking to them slowly. Show them the pictures and appreciate when they answer the questions.
  3. Teach them – Kids learn fast if they are taught in a fun way. You can bring number, letters, animals, fruits, vegetable books with some colourful pictures in them. Point at the pictures and say the names. This is a great way to introduce them to books. It has to fun for them.
  4. Sit with them – This is one tried and tested formula. I always used to cuddle my elder one when she was a toddler. Sit with them and keep a book in the centre while reading. It’s important for them to feel cozy and comfortable. 
  5. Buy books with them – Take them to a bookshop and the age-appropriate section in the store. Let them choose books but guide them too. Make book shopping an exciting outing for them. Bedtime stories is another great way to encourage them to read. Kids love bedtime stories. Read every night before putting them to bed.
  6. Take them to a library- My kids love going to a library. Look out for a public library in your area where you can take a membership otherwise there are many other options for private libraries too. There are libraries where you can register as a member and can issue a certain number of books each month.
  7. Buy age-appropriate books – As younger kids have a short attention span, get books that have big illustrations and things like pop-ups or flipping options. Do not force them to read as this is going to make them run away from reading. Remember to make it fun and creative for them.

These are few points from my experiences with both my daughters who are completely different from each other. So, what worked for me might not work for you. Do share your tips to make kids interested in reading.




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