I read a few posts from Tina’s series of short stories and loved them. They were different, touching and relatable. I am glad that she made a collection of all her stories and turned it into an EBook – Bhoomi, An anthology of short stories.

Bhoomi – An anthology of short stories by Tina Sequeira

About the author –

Tina Sequeira is an award-winning author and blogger. She´s pretty sure that Alice from ´Alice in Wonderland´ is her alter ego – ever curious and in a quest for the truth. As much as Tina loves words, she loves mingling with people who she believes are living books. She digs family and friends´ get-togethers and loves traveling to faraway places with her husband and daughter. A proud Indian citizen, Tina revels in being a woman. Voila!´Bhumi´, her debut fiction was born.

About the book –

Tina’s book is an ode to the spirit of womanhood. It has 26 fictional stories and each story is unique. Tina picked up different topics related to women and weaved each one of them in a different story. Women have been doing different things and creating history yet there are women who are confined to only interiors of the household and are not given the respect and love they deserve. The stories highlight all such issues and situations a woman faces in her life right from the birth till old age.

You can read any chapter as each story is a complete chapter in itself and not interlinked with each other.

What I liked –

This book made me laugh, smile and also left me misty-eyed.  That’s a sign of a good and impactful book.

I loved all the stories but these 5 are my favourite stories out of all –

  1. Amma – A story of a single father who thinks he is not taking good care of his daughter until something happens.
  2. Crazy courage – A story of a woman who did not allow fear or social pressure to stop her.
  3. Mirror on the wall – A story about love, hatred, and betrayal.
  4. Queen’s monomania – A story of two moms in different roles.
  5. Switch – A story of a mom and daughter and how a mom teaches life lessons to her daughter.

Something to add –

I wish there were some pictures in between and also few of the stories were little small. Otherwise, for a fictional story book, it is one of the best I read recently.

A roundup –

I am sure you will relate to most of these stories in some way or the other. The compelling stories in these pages are all our everyday stories and happen around us all the time. The stories in these pages may give you the impetus to try new things and take the steps you need to create your own daring moments in life or try new things.

This book celebrates different shades of women. If you are a fiction lover and looking for an inspiring and fun book, download Bhoomi and enjoy 26 different stories. I hope Tina turns it into a published paper book as soon as this one is surely a masterpiece.

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