Laundry is one big work for moms. When you have babies or toddlers, it becomes even more difficult.  There will be different kinds of stains on kids’ clothes like a stain from fruits, vegetables, and oil, stains from the soil, and mud due to outdoor playing.

I have discovered different methods to remove stains from my daughter’s clothes when they were small. I have researched and found that not only ingredients but also types of equipment vary depending on a stain.

Today I am going to share 5 stains that are commonly found on kid’s clothes and ways to remove those using household methods. Stain removal is not a magic wand which can be used on all kind of stains to clean them. We need to use different ingredients and methods for different stains.

  1. Food stain- From babies to toddlers to young kids, they all spoil their clothes with some of the other food items. I think the most common stains on kid’s clothes are food stains and also not very easy to remove.  Stain

Remedy- Food stains are also of different types. For baby food, remove any excess food from the clothing. Apply the stain remover on the stain, rub it and keep it for some time. Wash it with very hot water and let it air dry. If the stain is still there, treat it again with the stain remover.

For vegetables like carrot or tomato stain, white vinegar works fine. Soak it in white vinegar for some time and then wash with normal detergent. For an oil stain, it’s best to immediately apply the detergent directly on the stain and then leave it for some time. After half an hour, wash it in very hot water.

   2. Bloodstain– Going out to play and getting hurt is another common scenario which we moms are familiar with and also face commonly. As a result, blood stains are left on clothes as kids get hurt when they go out to play.


Remedy– Saltwater works best for the blood stains. Also, it’s important to treat it as soon as possible to get it removed completely. Apply salt water on the blood stain and leave it for some time. Wash it normally. It is advisable to treat blood stain removal as early as possible.

  3. Ink stain– Ink stains are very common with my teen and tween as they both use a pen these days. It is the most tricky one too when it comes to cleaning. Sketch pen and gel pen marks are very common on my younger ones’ school clothes. Stains

Remedy– I normally use nail paint remover or any alcohol-based liquid and dab on it for some time till it becomes light. After this, wash it with a stain removal liquid with warm water.

   4.Dirt or mud– It is very commonly seen when kids come back after playing or after coming back from school. I had this problem with white school dresses as it’s hard to remove dirt stains from them.

Remedy- Make a mixture of vinegar, detergent, and water. Remove all the dirt from the clothing and dip it in this vinegar detergent mixture for some time. After some time, wash it nicely in cold water.

  5. Glue- Craftwork when kids are small and all the project works when they are big can cause different stains on the clothes. The one stain which is very difficult and can even spoil a piece of clothing is glue or gum stain. 

Remedy– Never use hot water to remove the glue. Wash it in cold water and dip it in bleach and water mix for some time. After some time, scrape it off with a knife. Glue stain is the most difficult one to remove but you can try this method.

All stains are different and require different treatments. But the actual trick in any kind of stain is to clean them as soon as possible. Delay in cleaning can make it permanent and difficult to clean. There are many good stain removers available in the market these days and for me actually cleaning with them in cold water immediately has also worked.

These are all tips from my personal experience with both my daughters.  I hope the tricks which worked for me, also work for other moms who are looking for remedies. 🙂