A famed hill station from the colonial era, a place of the historical conflict between powerful Mughals and budding Maratha Empire of Sivaji, or a place with green forests and amazing viewpoints. Whatever your reasons for ending up at this place, great cuisine can only make it even better.

Now don’t get too excited when you come to know that much of it will not be available anywhere else. Alternatively, at least not at the price you will get it here. When you check about food in Mahabaleshwar, you are sure to get some great options.

Staying at Mahabaleshwar

Your stay at any of the best hotels in Mahabaleshwar for a family will turn into a tasting party if you know what to look for and where. From fruits to baked bread and cookies, you can be sure to find something new and unique at this place. Some of the hotels also have restaurants which serve the best local cuisine as well.

You can look for the restaurants and their best cuisines while booking your hotels through the top online portals. Check out the places and products in the list we provide here.

  1. Wild Figs- Figs are sourced from the forest, and this is one of the few places where it is grown. The fresh stock is another one of the advantages here. You can pick-up fruits on your way to your hotel. Be rest assured these are the sweetest and freshest fruits you will encounter in the seasonMahabaleshwar
  2. Variety of Fresh Berries – Much of these are either available at five times the price or not at all available in the cities. At least never as fresh as Mahabaleshwar. Strawberries, raspberries, deep purple mulberries, grapes, cherry tomatoes feel like all your fruity wishes have come to life. Don’t just finish them here, take some home on your return. Also, don’t forget strawberries yet, they will return to your menu in many other forms here.
  3. Bakery ProductsMahabaleshwar town boasts of three famous bakeries, and trust me all three enjoy rev ratings from their customers. All of them have different yet similar bread, which will taste different each time you try it from the Bakers. When you are here, do not forget to try ‘Saira Banu’ biscuits, chicken roll, cream filled donuts, potato wafers, bun Muska (esp. with chai), hot cross buns, and on and on the list goes. Make sure you come here with an empty tummy, because you just may not stop.
  4.  Parsi Delights- It will not be a surprise if you start planning your next trip to Mahabaleshwar just to experience this crispy Parsi cuisine once again. Ever tried chicken Farsca? No! Try it here at Strawberry Inn. You would remember it throughout your life. Of course, Farsca is not the only delight here. Try the delicious cutlet with perfectly spiced gravy and Sali Boti.Moreover, finally, once you cannot take the main course anymore, switch to the desert. The best one you can have is the strawberry and cream. Don’t worry you will make some space for this one after everything else. 

    5. Wood Baked Pizzas-

    Well, you may have had dessert and are about to call it a day with food, but I am sure this will melt some space in your already busy day.

    Wood Oven Pizzas, grilled sandwich, ice-cream strawberry, soups, and milkshakes. This place is a must for your evening snack appetite. 

    Better savor it all before you decide to leave, and be sure that you will want more.

    I recommend you to choose the road route to experience the best food.  If you have your private vehicle better, cause the best delicacies are served in the restaurants on the way to Mahabaleshwar. Food in Mahabaleshwar is great and you get some yummy options.

    Still, check on the travel portals online before you leave for the place.