These days there are so many after-school classes for kids that it’s hard to decide one. Of course, it’s always better to check with your kids before deciding on a particular class. Both my daughters have different interests and go to different classes. As the classes are of their interest, they both enjoy what they are learning. My niece loves coding and has attended a lot of demo classes but she loved the Leapwater coding camp.

It’s good to see that there are so many opportunities for young kids these days. They can learn about the latest programs from the comfort of their home through online classes. Digital skills like coding classes are helpful if kids are acquainted with them.

What is Leapwater coding camp?

It is an Edutech startup that is developed by a team of globally sourced experts and academicians. The best part is that it does not promise or preach about making your child the next Bill Gates. It is a good thing as your child should not follow anything just because others are doing it. Also, this coding camp is pocket-friendly and you will find it worth the value for your kids.

Also, it is offering 10% on enrolling in a coding camp. How cool is this!

Reasons to enroll your child in Leapwater coding camp-

 Kids can learn and explore technologies – Basic knowledge of coding is important for kids these days. Technology can help kids in freedom of expression, make them independent and enhance their knowledge. Kids learn problem-solving too which is important these days.

Kids learn problem-solving – In life, problem-saving is a virtue that can help kids succeed in life. Coding can help your kids to learn logically and solve any issues they face. The problem-saving skills can help them in other subjects like math, geometry, and science, etc.

More opportunities for jobs-

Today most of the jobs require computer knowledge.  Coding experience helps in the job industry. Enrolling kids in coding class at a young age will have a strong base. The experience can help them to stay ahead of other kids later in life.

Kids can make new friends Coding classes can help kids to meet like-minded friends. In life, good friends are very important. Also, coding can help them to have fun and enjoy all the subjects. Logical thinking can help them later in life which they learn through games while coding.

Kids learn to createCreativity is something that can help kids to explore other fields. Coding provides an environment where a child can learn and create. They learn to experiment with different things to see where it might lead them. Kids learn to ask questions as it ignites creativity. Coding in a way can help kids to be more confident in life.

All parents want the best for their children. They look out for things to secure their future. If you are currently confused about whether or not it’s the right time to help your child learn to code, or whether it’s the right age to start, hope this post will help you learn the benefits of coding. Enrolling and encouraging your child to learn to code will be beneficial for them in both school and their future ventures.

As a mom, I know how important it is to guide your kids in the right direction. If you are still deciding, check out the website to know more and decide for yourself. Hope you make the right decision for your kid and their future.