R for Reading

I love reading books and used to be an avid reader. There were days when I would basically do nothing but finish a book. But now I don’t get as much time and reading has taken a back seat.

When I was expecting my elder one, I used to read a lot. She was born in the US and there was a big public library near our place. Every day, I used to visit it, rent books and spend most of my time reading. I think that is why elder one is an avid reader too and loves to read. Actually, she is little more than I was and we have to sometimes stop her from reading as we are worried about her eyes.

When she was a toddler, we bought many story books for her and I used to read with her. And surely that helped her to develop a love for reading. On weekends, she used to look forward to our library visits.

I feel reading is a very good habit and moms should start reading to babies as small as 6 months as it helps in better bonding with them. But, hard bound books are always better than the normal books for them. Also, picture books are really helpful with small children where moms can point to different pictures and ask questions. This can help in improving vocabulary, developing a sense of curiosity and a good speech development.

And when they are little older, you read little and then they read little. This will help them to gain confidence in reading.

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My younger one is not that much interested in reading but she is developing the habit slowly. I encourage her by taking her to a library or a bookstore. Some of my mom friends have started a group where we meet once a month and kids exchange their books. My younger one enjoys these play dates and likes the concept of exchanging books with her friends.

Do you love reading? Do you encourage your child to read? Share with me your stories and ideas to inculcate this good habit.


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