Having a child is the ultimate dream for many a woman. It is a time of much joy and anticipation, as the hopeful parents daydream about meeting their precious bundle of joy soon.

But as exciting as it is for the woman to feel the baby kicking inside her and growing every day, she also experiences stress, exhaustion and body ache. The back, hips, and legs can hurt tremendously as the pregnancy progresses. There is no need to bear the discomfort in silence – you can deal with the back pain so that you enjoy the pregnancy even more.

Why the back hurts during pregnancy

As the foetus grows inside the womb, it starts to gain weight and muscle. The mother may not feel the weight of the baby in the first trimester. However, the baby begins to feel heavy during the second trimester, and it gets heavier and heavier till the date of delivery. Meanwhile, the baby’s position in the uterus is more or less decided in the second trimester, with the head pointing downwards and the buttocks jutting into the belly. The baby’s position and its growing weight, in turn, change the mother’s posture – she soon starts walking with the belly thrust out and the legs slightly splayed so as to adjust to the increased weight. This changes the spine’s alignment and results in back pain.

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How to deal with back pain during pregnancy

There are a few ways to alleviate the back pain and make it more manageable. Here are some useful tips to deal with it.

Practice yoga. Yoga can gently stretch the curved spine and reduce the pressure on it. Ask an experienced yoga practitioner for exercises that will relieve the strain on the lower back, shoulders, and hips. Practice yoga in moderation, and stay away from other exercises while you are still pregnant. While walking every day is advised, running, deep diving, lifting dumbbells, and cycling are not advisable at all.

Stretch intermittently. Clasp your hands together and raise them gently towards the sky. Maintain this position for five seconds, then relax and repeat. This gentle stretch will release frozen and sore muscles and keep the spine straighter.

Do not lift heavy weights. As your pregnancy progresses, you will find it difficult to bend or walk normally. As each day passes, it is important to care for your own health more and focus on reducing the stress on the major joints of the body. Lifting heavy weights, whether they are shopping bags or furniture, is a strict ‘No’ at this time. You might end up pulling a muscle or straining your back further. 

Get a gentle massage. Sit down on the bed and ask your partner to gently massage your back. A massage improves blood circulation to the painful tissues. If the back pain is severe, get them to apply a good back pain cream like Moov to the painful area. Moov contains a quick-acting pain relief formulation comprising eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil, wintergreen oil and mint extracts. The cream is completely safe to use and does not cause any side effects. Besides, it will free you from the constant back pain that you experience. Ask your partner to apply Moov back pain cream on your painful back before you go to sleep.


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