Anish was the only son of his parents. A very active child, good in studies and also very obedient. He always used to be the first one to participate in all school competitions.  Teachers were very happy with him and never complained.

His mom used to worry about only one thing. He never had too many friends and was not able to get close to anyone as he never used to get mingle with a group of friends easily.

Due to his dad’s job, Anish’s family moved to a new place. He made 3 new friends in his new school. His mom was very happy that finally, he got some good friends. But after few days, he started having some fights with his new friends too. He used to complain to his mom about everything. His mom was fast to intervene and decided to help her son.

The mom complaint to the class teacher and blamed other kids. In the whole episode, not only his friends but their parents were also blamed for the naughtiness of his friends.

In short, Anish is no longer friends with those kids. Again he has no good friends.

This was just one example but many such incidents happen where our kids need our help. We become so judgemental when it comes to our own child that we forget about other kids or their parents. Now this leaves me with few questions-

Is it ok to be overprotective of your child?

Was it ok for Anish’s mom to intervene immediately?

Is it ok to blame or judge parents of a child if he is misbehaving or is naughty?

Do not judge or blame a parent for their child’s behavior. 

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Over the years I’ve learned, no two children are same but parents are all same at some level. No body teaches wrong things to their kids. Everyone tries their best to teach good things to their kids and be role models.

As a mom of a teen and a tween, I have seen enough and met different types of kids and parents.

One thing which I can say confidently, no child is bad if he/she is naughty and no parent is bad if their parenting style is different from yours.

From my experiences and as a seasoned mom, I learnt that you cannot control what your child does as there are so many influences these days around your child, like television, gadgets, and above all their friends. A child’s attitude, personality or habits is not always about his/her parents.

I have a lot of experience with kids through my activity center too. This experience with their parents taught me not to judge a child or a parent. Now I make sure not to judge a child or his parents but instead of being judgemental, I try to be understanding.

It’s easier to make assumptions or point fingers but it’s always better to think from others point of view too and then decide. It makes me sad to see that a kid’s behavior is often misunderstood.

Let’s teach ourselves and our kids the following things –

  1. Do not tag somebody bad or naughty immediately.
  2. Try to be more understanding.
  3. DO not make assumptions about their family or kids on the basis of a kid’s behavior.
  4. Try to be more compassionate towards others.
  5. Give other parents a benefit of doubt and think from their point of view too.

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