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Birthdays are fun and remind us of how time flies especially when you are a mom. I have planned and organised many birthday parties for my daughters but now they are grown up and they both are out of that ‘mom organising balloon party’ zone.

This year it was a big change as elder one didn’t want a party but wanted to spend time with friends and family. Actually, we are in for all kind of surprises as she is a teenager.

I love parties, celebrations and surprises. Who doesn’t? At our house, we make sure to celebrate each and every small moment. It can be an outing, pizza party, ice cream party or just a special meal but the point is to celebrate the happy moments. Keep these things in mind when planning a birthday party-

Keep these things in mind when planning a birthday party-

  1. Childs age
  2. Childs interests
  3. Budget
  4. How big you want the party.

Party planning must haves / Better to pre-plan these-

  1. Guestlist
  2. Invitations
  3. Theme
  4. Food
  5. Games
  6. Entertainment
  7. Return gifts
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Creative ways to organise a child’s party-

  1. Theme– My elder one’s first birthday party was a complete DIY by me and it was fun to do everything myself. It was a jungle theme party as she loves animals. I made all the decorative stuff and props at home. You can decide a theme depending on your child’s interest. When they are small, you can decide for them. I am sure they will have their preferences once they are 5+.
  2. Decoration– This can be decided according to the theme and can be done in many creative ways. You can go DIY or get the theme based stuff online too. There are plenty of decorative stuff available in the market these days but its fun to make things ourselves. Try DIY at home if possible, it is so much fun!
  3. Food- Who says you can’t go creative with food? There are different ways to give a twist to normal food according to your party theme. For the animal theme, you can order a jungle theme cake and make fruit salad, for a princess theme you can make pink cupcakes, and ice cream pops for a summer party. A post coming up soon only on party foods. 🙂 
  4. Games and fun– You can play different games according to your child’s age and also according to the venue. If it’s inside the house, make sure to plan games in which there is no running or anything which can turn your house upside down. If it’s an outdoor party, you can plan many games like treasure hunt which kids enjoy. It’s a good idea to plan extra games than you think you will need.
  5. DIY parties– It is a great idea to get kids involved. This is a great idea for a creative party but you have to make sure to make it fun. Otherwise, kids lose interest pretty fast. Arrange for some DIY kits or gather some craft material which they can use to create something. It can be made fun by turning it into a competition and giving them a timeline to finish it.

These are few tips from my experiences with my 2 girls. I have a lot of other ideas related to food and games. I will be sharing them soon. Till then, why don’t you also share some ideas from your bag for other moms?


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