Motherhood is a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. If you ask me, I would say it was a journey full of adventures till now and it is like a surprise package which we open every day and learn something new. This is a journey which I will always cherish and treasure in my heart. No one can remove these motherhood memories from a mom’s heart. Β It is always better to store them safely through different ways.

These are different ways to store the motherhood memories-

Photographs– I love clicking pictures and this is my favourite way to create memories. Not only pictures but I have a lot of small videos from my daughter’s early childhood days. Sometimes we see those old videos and feel nostalgic. It is also a lot of fun to travel back in time with old pics and videos.Β Memories

Baby books– I got few baby record books when I was expecting my daughters. I used to write about all the small milestones of the first year in these books. First fall, first word, first smile, the first time when they said mamma or papa, the first day of school etc. are some milestones which can be stored in the baby books.

Treasure box- You can buy a big box to store all the things from childhood safely. Things from the first birthday, first Diwali or Christmas dress, school related stuff, greeting cards, first art box, baby blanket etc. can be stored in this box. Do tag them properly to remember them later.Β Memories

Writing down– It is again one of my favourite way to store all the motherhood memories. You can either write down things in a mommy blog or keep a journal to store everything. My blog is like a treasure box too where my memories are stored safely.

Share and save all those moments and relive all these moments when they grow up. Capture and preserve those cute moments as kids surely grow up fast.

How do you store your motherhood memories? Do let us know if you have anything different.


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