I strongly believe that extracurricular activities play an important role in a child’s life. It’s important to choose activities which can creatively engage kids and help them to destress. Due to pandemic, schools are completely online and all the outdoor activities and classes are cancelled. So, in such a situation, you can choose some good online music classes for kids to beat the school stress.

online music classes kids

Online school and stress –

These days school is completely online and most of the outdoor and extracurricular classes are cancelled. In this situation, it’s important for parents to find something which can keep the kids creatively engaged and also is fun for them. Extracurricular activities help the kids to take a break from school and studies. It helps to learn a new skill outside the classroom and also develop a new interest which can be helpful even later in life.

Benefits of music for kids –

My elder one learnt Hindustani vocal music for almost 5 years and instrumental for 3 years. I have seen a huge difference in her overall. Music can be great for the overall development of a child. It can encourage the kids to move around and dance, and even instils a sense of confidence. And there is surely more to it.

  1. It can enhance motor skills and boost memory in kids.
  2. Music can help to boost the overall IQ in kids.
  3. It can help them to be creatively engaged and enjoy what they are doing.
  4. As mentioned earlier, it can surely help to boost confidence in kids.
  5. Last but not least, the biggest benefit in the current situation is that it can help kids to get access to something creative and fun.

Online Music Classes for kids by Castiko –

While looking for some fun options for my younger one, I came across Castiko. Castiko has fun-filled singing classes over Zoom which is not only for kids but parents too. So, if you are locked inside your home and looking for something fun for something which you and your kids can learn and enjoy together, you must check out Castiko.

The highlights about Castiko which I liked –

-Flexible timings

-Pricing is affordable with just Rs 1000 per month.

  • Includes unlimited classes, events and parties
  • Choose from more than 100 sessions every month.
  • Includes access to regular musical parties, events and performances, all online.
  • You’ll learn serious Hindustani classical basics and fun Hindi songs!
  • The best part is that no prior experience required as they have classes for all skill levels.
  • Experienced teachers who will keep you moving forward while having fun.
  • All age groups welcome.
  • Also, you can ask us about certifications.

Are you ready to bring music home?

So, are you ready to bring more music home? Here are a few ways to get started and add music to your everyday activities.

You can attend a free demo class anytime, just get in touch with them. Also, check the website for more details. www.castiko.com. Or you can drop a message on WhatsApp: https://wa.me/message/T3DXMEE2JRFAC1

You can use my coupon code ‘kidspost’ on signup and get 10% off on the first month for your kids’ subscription.

My daughter is enjoying the classes and as I am a big music lover, I am planning to join her too. Introducing kids to music at a young age and showing them how much fun it is, you can get them interested. The best thing is to do is to lead by example, so if you’re enjoying yourself while you are involved with music, they likely will too.

You can check their Instagram and Facebook page to know more.

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