I remember my dad as someone who was strong outside but emotionally weak inside especially when it came to his family, he was the noblest soul I knew and a very honest man. But before everything else, he was the best dad ever.

Daughters are more close to their father and boys are more close to the mother.

There are studies which show that the relationship a girl has with her father is far more important and has a larger impact on the daughter’s life than relationship she has with her mom.

I completely agree! I see my husband with my girls and it makes me love him all the more!

I always knew that he will be a great father just by the way he used to talk about our future children. I remember, my elder one was always a very social child and readily used to go with our family friends when they used to visit us. My husband used to get all emotional and say, “She doesn’t love us. She goes with everybody easily and will leave us and go when she gets big”. And let me tell you that she was just a one-year-old baby!

That is the way he is – A sentimental father when it comes to our daughters 🙂

Things that make him a superhero dad-

  1. He is a good listener.
  2. He works hard so he can take care of his family.
  3. He hugs and kisses them and tells them how proud he is of them.
  4. Every summer, he spent weeks teaching them how to swim and the kids don’t want to learn from any teacher as they like having the dad as their swimming teacher. They both learnt how to ride a bike from dad too!
  5. He is a family man who loves to be with his family rather somewhere else.
  6. There will be lots of pretend play games my younger one likes to play with dolls, and he plays with her with full enthusiasm and I can see how happy she feels.
  7. He treats me with love and respect and that is an example for them how it should be.
  8. He is strict when it is needed.
  9. He is the one who has always told bedtime stories to our kids and they also love his inventive, adventurous, imaginative stories.
  10. He shows up at everything, every sports day, every recital, every annual day.

Don’t you think all dads are superheroes too?

I believe all dads are superheroes. When I see dads around me, taking care of their kids and family, it makes me believe in it even more. 🙂


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