Picky Eaters by Dr.Amrita and Dr. Abhijit

About the Authors

Dr.Amrita Basu is an ENT surgeon and a mommy to a five-year-old .Dr.Abhiit Misra is her husband. They are teachers in a medical college and passionate about spreading the message of health and healthy lifestyle to help design a happy life. Their blog healthwealthbridge.com is their digital home and helps them to do just that.

About the Book-

Dr.Amrita writes great posts related to health and wellness on her blog. I came to know about her EBook on Nutrition related to kids and knew it will be a helpful guide for parents.

I have read all the posts on this topic on her blog and was really happy when she decided to make it into a book. This is like a handbook which all parents should have when the fussy eaters at home are troubling them. It has some great tips for parents too –

  • Find out if kids are actually picky eaters.
  • If they are getting proper nutrition or not.
  • How to make changes to food.
  • How to make babies and pre-schoolers eat healthily.

Picky eaters

What I liked best about the book-

In this book, we get to read not only the gyaan but also the personal experiences as a parent. There is no reason to doubt the information as the writers Dr.Amrita and Dr. Abhijit are not only professional doctors but also parents of a 5-year-old.

I feel that makes it more authentic and real when the writers share their own experiences. It can change your perspective on many things.

Something to add-

It would have been great if the book also had some nutrition tips for older kids. As a mom of a teen and a tween, I have seen a lot changes in their food preferences. Most of us are bothered when our toddlers don’t eat but it is equally important to give nutritional food to the preteens and teens. I hope to see a new book or a second part with nutrition tips for older kids.

A roundup-

I would recommend this book to all the moms irrespective of a picky eater or not. The book has some great information and tips for parents of a baby and toddlers. This book is great as it has a lot of information in a concrete form. I would also recommend it for easy to read and practical information.

I have already downloaded it and also shared with many friends and family.

Are you a mom who has a picky eater at home and looking for answers to your queries?

Look no further as this book has all the answers and the best part is that it is written by professionals in the field. Download ‘Picky Eaters’ today and find all the answers about nutrition related to kids.