Soft skills are a set of interpersonal skills that are not taught in school. These skills can help a child to face the world much more confidently later. It has been predicted that two-thirds of all jobs will rely on soft skills by 2030. Hard skills like maths, science, social studies, etc. are different from soft skills which revolve more around communication skills, interacting with others, etc. So, its important to teach soft skills to kids.

In fact, the soft skills are the new hard skills. Although jobs are a combination of hard skills and soft skills, the later has become more vital, especially when it comes to the top leadership positions in an organization.

Today, as more and more organizations start to work in collaborative environments, the individual skills matter to some extent. It is the way you perform as a team, motivating other members and brainstorming with them. Listening carefully, connecting with the team and solving problems are a few qualities that go a long way.

How soft skills help a child in the future?

When a child goes for job interviews, the soft skills matter a lot. A candidate whose soft skills are good is always a preferable candidate for those who need training later on. Soft skills will not only help in getting him/her the jobs they desire but also help sustain them. Many career fields require soft skills. Even a career in sports requires mental strength to deal with their teams and also the pressure of others.

Leadership, resilience, and stress management are the most crucial soft skills any sportsperson needs to have. I am sharing an example of David Warner and Steve Smith, the top Australian cricketers. No one has ever doubted their cricketing abilities. Still, in 2018, with the ball-tampering, they failed to demonstrate the leadership qualities which led to one of the darkest days in the history of Australian cricket.

Important soft skills for kids –

 Social Skills – These include little gestures such as greeting others, interaction with people outside the immediate family. It can be adults or even their own friends.

Communication and listening – This is one of the most important skills which kids need when they go out in the world. Effective communication is the first skill that many organisations look for while choosing a candidate. Listening is correlated to it. One should be a good listener too.

Confidence and self-esteem – These skills are something that no one is born with but one can easily develop over time. But these go a long way in determining your success in life.

Problem-solving – Its easier to teach kids to solve mathematical problem-solving tricks than actual life skills. They should be ready to face any kind of problem life throws at them and in jobs, employers actually look for problem solvers.

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How to teach soft skills to kids –

Parenting is all about leading by example. One way is to teach these important skills by showcasing them in a positive way. Try incorporating them into your daily life. As a mom, I want my girls to explore more than just traditional learning and I understand the importance of soft skills. That’s why I enrolled my daughter for a program at Little leap where they teach soft skills in a fun and interactive way. I can already see a difference in her and I am glad I found it.

What are you waiting for? Check Little Leap and the different programs they offer.

No matter what career path our kids take in the future, from corporate, to media to sports to medicine, it all requires them to have the right mix of hard skills and soft skills. That’s why it’s important that we provide them an opportunity and environment which gives them room for developing these soft skills.