Motherhood is something that changed me completely. It is like a box full of surprises that bring many ups and downs in the journey of being a mom. There are many mom challenges at different stages of life.

One thing which I learnt from my motherhood journey- Expect the unexpected

When my daughters were small, I always thought, once they grow up things would be easier. But as a mom of a teenager, let me tell you something, every stage has its own challenges. Now seriously, sometimes I feel, it was easier when they were babies.

Mom Challenges

Challenges as a mom of a newborn baby-

I think this is a very overwhelming phase. On one side moms are happy to hold the little bundle of joy in their arms and on the other hand, this new phase drains them out. I didn’t have my mom or mom-in-law nearby, so it was like ‘on the job training’ for me. So, I learnt to be a mom with many trials and errors. The first few days with the baby are pretty hard as you are sleep deprived, you don’t look like you, and you feel alone.

The first few days with the baby are pretty hard as you are sleep deprived, you don’t look like you, and you feel alone.

Challenges as a mom of a toddler- Terrible twos are really terrible and my younger one gave me a hard time when she was two. There are tantrums and mood swings which are difficult to handle at times.

They also start preschool around this time and on one hand, it is a relief for moms but it is also hard. We worry for them when they start school and I think we keep on worrying even when they grow up.

Challenges as a mom of a tween and a teen-

I have a tween and a teen at home and believe me this is the most challenging phase till now. This is a stage that is surely going to make you emotional, happy, tired, worried, and overwhelmed, and a lot of other things.

Sometimes, they will surprise you with their witty answers and sometimes they will act as babies.  

Hardest part of motherhood according to me in all these phases –

  • Not knowing if you are doing right or wrong.
  • Some degree of guilt that we moms always face.
  • Dealing with our own emotions.
  • Never-ending worry for something or the other.

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Motherhood is surely hard but if you ask me about my decision of being a mom and if I regret anything, I would say NO! My daughters are my pride and no matter how hard it is or how hard it is going to be after this, I love being a mom. 🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts about it. WHAT IS THE HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD ACCORDING TO YOU?