Halloween is a festival or a celebration which is observed in many countries on 31st October. I first came to know about this festival in 2001 when we were in the US. The first time my elder one took part in a Halloween parade was in 2003 when she was just 2 years old.

Halloween celebrations include dressing up as something or somebody and going trick or treating around the neighbourhood. Trick or treating is a custom in which kids get treats in the form of candies from the houses they visit and if they don’t get anything, they trick the house owners with some kind of mischief.

At many places, it starts with Halloween costume parties and parades. A few days before Halloween, people start pumpkin carving with kids. The carved pumpkin is called as Jack-o-lantern. To make a Jack-o-lantern, one must scoop out all the seeds and flesh from the pumpkin. It should be completely hollow from inside. Afterwards, it’s mostly kept outside the main door of the house and people also keep a candle or a tea light inside the carved pumpkin. My daughters enjoyed this activity when they were small.

Initially, both my girls liked dressing up as princesses, fairies or even as their favourite animal but now as a teen and a tween, they like dressing up as a ghost, witch or some scary character from some horror movies.

The Halloween costumes are mostly inspired by ghosts, monsters, witches, vampires etc.

I am sure the best part of this festival for kids are all the candies they collect that day. By end of the day, they have a bag full of candies.

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Popular Halloween costumes for kids-

Baby to toddler – Dress up as Princess(Girls), Pirates, favourite bug or animal, mermaid (girls), pumpkin, Batman, Batgirl, Superman, Spiderman, Superheroes, etc.

Older kids and adults– Witch, ghost, vampire, wonder woman, clowns, unicorns popular scary characters from horror movies and TV series like zombies from the walking dead, Annabelle from movie Annabelle, Harley Quinn from movie Suicide squad and many from Harry Potter series etc.

My daughters have already decided their characters for this Halloween and are working on costumes. Are you ready with your ideas?

I am sharing a YouTube video from the Halloween celebrations we had in the last few years.

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