When my son was born, I was simply over the moon. It felt like a rebirth, it was simply the feeling all mothers can relate to. I was no exception, but what followed was a nightmare of events. From my breast getting frozen and the nurse forcing and twisting my breast for that one drop of milk was pure torture. My husband simply left the room stating that he can’t see me in so much pain. And that was simply the beginning! Why does no one talk about the inconvenience after childbirth, the pain from the C section, and the fact you can’t move from the hospital bed for a week? That’s why I am sharing my experience on how to handle difficult kids.

I remember, not having proper sleep for the next 8 months as my child would wake up every 2 hours for the feed. Handling a firstborn is no joke, he would cry unstoppably and I would just have no idea why is he crying so much. I would call my friends or sister for guidance as my mother passed away that very year as she was suffering from 4th stage cancer. Those times were tough and I simply resolved in my pregnancy not to be sad or depressed. So that it would not cause hindrance to my child’s growth and development.

Life has been full of blessings and I have very few reasons to complain. But the last 4 years have been tough as my child is a difficult one. He is stubborn and super bright, he will go with logic and not any random thing you will tell him.

3 Ways to handle difficult kids –

Let’s focus on some of his issues and how I was able to come around through some strategies.

He would shout and throw Tantrums

Those times are still so fresh in my mind. He would throw things and throw tantrums. And would get very aggressive so much so, his tantrum would last 30-40 minutes most days. I would distract him with a new toy or something like this but it would not work. So as someone suggested, I started ignoring his behavior. You see he simply wanted attention and we would give him just that. When I stopped paying attention to his deeds, he automatically stopped. Try it to believe it, just pretend everything is normal for him and pay no attention to him.

He would get angry and pee anywhere

Even when he was potty trained at 3 years, I would notice he would pee anywhere in the house just to show his rebellion side. Not sure why and I use to get angry at him and he would simply not care, then this strategy worked- Recording his behavior. I started taking pictures and would make videos of him doing anything which he is not supposed to. You see no one likes to be recorded when in a foul mood, not even adults. So, this worked like magic, now whenever he has to pee or poop, he uses the washroom.

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My last and very important point- I believe communication is the key for any and every relationship. Every night I would lie down with him and tell him one good deed and one bad deed he did today and this registered with him 90% of the time.

Well, these were some of my strategies as a new mom, do let me know if it will work on your children.

About the author –

Hi, I’m Divea Sarin, I am a mother of a 4yr old boy. I share parenting tips on my Instagram @Diveasarin and youtube channel @Mothers life.