A few days back one of my friends asked me for ideas to keep toddlers busy and I immediately thought of activities which kept my girls busy.

Having a toddler at home is exhausting as they can keep you on your toes all the day. Managing and juggling home chores can become a struggle when you have many things in mind. On top of all this, thinking of new activities for them is a challenge in itself.

Also, toddlers get bored easily and that is why it is essential to challenge toddlers with new and interesting activities. Toddlers do not need a whole lot of expensive toys to keep them busy.

Here is a list of activities to keep toddlers busy-

  • Bathtub – a bathtub filled with water is something that will keep your child busy for a very long time. Children by default, love playing in the water and can keep playing without stopping. This goes without saying, that your children need supervision while playing with water. Never leave your children alone.


  • Kitchen utensils – kitchen utensils are something very appealing to toddlers. You can give them, different utensils of different shapes sizes. Ask them to stack these according to their size or colors. You can also give them spoons of different shapes and ask to do the same.


  • DIY clay for playing – clay can be used by children of any age. They can be used to shape animals, birds. Since all the ingredients are edible, it is safe for all ages. Clay is great for kids, as it is a wonderful way to let kids get creative and also offer sensory play for them.                                                                                                          Method –  Find a large bowl and add the salt and flour. You will need 4 cups (560 grams) of flour and 1 ½ cups (420 grams) of salt. Add edible colored clay. Pour the water into the salt and flour, and mix all. Add some cooking oil.  Knead the dough, store the dough correctly.
  • Color sorting game – This is a simple activity for toddlers which can keep them engaged for long durations of time. You can make this interesting, by cutting vegetables or fruits and asking kids to sort it as per colors or you can let them play with little colorful pom-pom balls or blow colorful balloons.


  • Puzzles – Your toddlers have an inquisitive mind and it is a mind at work. Puzzles are not only a great way to spend quality time with your children but it also helps them to feel proud of their achievements. Every puzzle they solve boosts their confidence. You can get large, chunky puzzles that can easily fit into their palms. Ensure you always supervise your toddler when they do any activity. 


  • Magnets on the fridge – Keep your toddler engaged with colorful magnets. There are alphabets and number magnets that are available, in different colors and shapes. You can easily purchase them on all online popular websites. It’s a great activity to keep toddlers busy and my daughters loved this one.
  • Placing cotton balls – you will be surprised to see your toddler engrossed and happy when he does this activity. This activity is very simple. Just take some cotton balls and ask your toddler to sort them into ice cube tray.
  • Building blocks – Blocks never go out of style and are a hit with children. As they grow, blocks become smaller and more complex. For your toddler, you can get chunky blocks that they can easily hold. Encourage them to stack them, sort them or build with them. 
  • Art and craft fun – You can bring age-appropriate craft kits or even plan something at home. It can be a sticker book or kids safe paints and brushes. Keep things like a glue stick, stickers, papers, markers etc ready to keep the toddlers busy.
  • Cooking fun – My elder one used to enjoy this one a lot. Involve them in simple cooking steps while you are cooking for them. They can help you in mixing, or decorating stuff. Believe me, kids enjoy this a lot but as a mom, you need little patience in this activity. There is also a big plus point here. This is a great way to teach them and get them involved in healthy eating.

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These are some ways to keep toddlers busy and I hope you liked them. The activities are fun and easy to follow which your toddlers can enjoy. Do let us know if you have any more activities which you enjoy with your toddler.

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