As parents, we all know how to keep our kids safe and healthy. We buy various gadgets to keep them safe but forget the most important thing. Do you know that your pre-schooler needs timely vaccinations to stay safe against vaccine preventable diseases? It is not advisable to skip your kid’s routine vaccinations.

I am sharing a few tips from my own experience to keep kids safe from vaccine preventable diseases.

vaccine preventable diseases

  1. Immunity boosting foods and exercise– Although a balanced and wholesome diet is the best when it comes to being healthy, you can’t deny the importance of certain foods. So, make sure you include foods rich in vitamin C like amla or Indian gooseberries, all citrus fruits, yellow and red coloured vegetables, green leafy vegetables, spices and condiments like turmeric, black pepper etc. Exercise plays an important role too.
  2. Regular check-ups – Parents must keep a track of kids’ check-ups with the paediatrician as they are important to track kids’ growth and development. Also, it helps to keep a track of immunization that can help parents to not miss any vaccinations for their kids. Skipping vaccinations is not an option.

Pandemic and routine vaccinations –

Due to the pandemic, many parents are skipping the routine vaccines but it should be the other way around. Vaccines are important as kids need better immunity to stay safe and healthy. It builds on the natural immune system of the child and helps them stay away from certain diseases. So, although it’s a pandemic, kids still need routine vaccinations. It’s a myth that kids are safe even if they are not vaccinated as they are not going to school. The truth is that –

  1. Vaccinations are important to prevent them from diseases.
  2. These can help build up good immunity.
  3. Booster shots are important for pre-schoolers.
  4. Vaccines are safe.
  5. Vaccines can help you to stay healthy overall.

Booster shots for pre-schoolers –

Pre-schoolers (4-6 years) need booster shots to keep them safe and protected from a range of diseases. Booster shots are like a reminder for your kids’ immune system as they help your child to develop a lifelong immunity for certain diseases. That’s why they need a course of vaccines. The DTP or DPT vaccine protects your baby from Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis (whooping cough). It is part of the standard vaccination schedule of your kids. The DTP vaccine has two forms – the DTaP and the DTwP and both types of vaccines equally protect kids from diseases.  (1)

How do you know that your child needs booster shots? (2)

There are two ways to know if your child needs a booster shot. Firstly, track the immunisation chart. Secondly, your doctor will remind you about the next due vaccinations at each visit. Sometimes, you might not get a reminder from the clinic. So, in that case, it’s important that you go for regular check-ups and ask the doctor about it.

So, school or no school, make sure you don’t miss out on any important vaccines for your kids. Vaccines help our kids develop their immunity so that their bodies can fight any diseases in the future. That’s why kids need not just primary vaccinations but booster doses as well for complete protection throughout their lives.

Your child’s DTP booster vaccination is a must. #DontWaitVaccinate and know more about the Right DTP vaccine.


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