We are writing about -Get fit and stay fit and as a nutritionist and a mom, I have a lot of topics in mind. Today I am sharing the benefits of leaving processed foods. I thank Charu for mentioning me in her post.

Food processing is a process where agricultural foods are transformed into other food forms. It may include raw flour, grinding grains. Food processing is an unhealthy form of eating as it endorses foods with worn-out nutrition, too much sugar, salt or very less fiber. Due to the addition of the excess of preservatives – the products obtain a higher shelf life.

Weight –

Processed foods contain extra calories. When we eat healthily, the food provides nourishment to fuel your body in a healthy way. In the same way, when we consume something which is processed like – a bag of chips, pickles, biscuits, jams or bread – it lacks the essential nutrients and in turn, a person can gain unnecessary weight. Having said this, all processed food is not bad. If you learn how to read nutrition labels – it can help you greatly to maintain a healthy weight.

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Great Skin –

Processed foods are one of the biggest reasons for skin breakouts. Excess oil and artificial ingredients can play a havoc with your skin. When you have natural foods that are rich in antioxidants and fiber-rich – you will slowly but gradually get a clearer and a glowing skin.

Full on Energy –

There are days when you wake up sluggish, but then there are days when you feel like an energy bomb and feel that you can achieve anything. This happens because of what you may have consumed the night before. Processed foods can deplete your energy source and make you feel tired and lazy. You will feel energetic once you leave processed food completely.

What happens when you leave processed food

Mood swings –

Who knew! Phew. If you have been having mood swings all of a sudden, you may want to check what you have been eating lately. As discussed above, processed foods do not contain adequate nutrition that nourishes your body, leaving your body depleted of essential nourishment. When you eat mindfully, your body gets the nutrition it needs and stays balanced.

Better Sleep –

Processed foods contain high amounts of sugar and salt. These both ingredients can play a havoc with your sleep and can give you restless nights. Increased sugar may result in an increase in blood sugar and results in a disturbed night of sleep.

Managed cravings –

As we have been mentioning above, processed foods contain a high amount of salt and sugar and hence can result in a spike of blood sugar. Moving to natural wholesome foods can help you, manage your cravings as your body will be fueled with the right nutrition.

Immunity –

It’s a known fact that increased empty calories, poor diet in your daily diet that can lead to low immunity in the long run. Processed foods that comprise of artificial trans fats and sugar, predominantly fructose, may upsurge inflammation in the body.

Brain Health –

Did you know when you eat whole foods that nourish your body – it helps you with better brain health. Inflammatory food forms that are high in sugar, processed carbs, unnatural fats, and processed foods may lead to impaired memory and learning in the long run.

A list of processed foods to avoid – 

  1. Tinned fruits and vegetables – They have extra sugars and preservatives to increase the shelf life.
  2. Frozen foods such as french fries, meat products, or anything which you store in the freezer for a long time.
  3. Easy and ready to made foods, microwave foods, ready meals etc.
  4. Instant cake and baking packets.
  5. Drinks like sodas, packaged and canned juices.
  6. Any food which contains excessive levels of fat, salt and sugar are also categorised as processed foods.

How to avoid/leave processed food – 

  1. As most packaged foods have nutritional information available at the back, make sure to read the labels before buying anything. It’s a good habit to read labels and nutritional information.
  2. Reduce outside bakery food and items especially when you are not sure of the ingredients used in it.
  3. Eat products made out of fresh and whole ingredients.
  4. Buy seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Last but not least, Cook at home and its the best way to eat healthy as you are in charge of all the ingredients you use.

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Get fit stay fit!