I am a mom blogger and love my work. I started as just a blogger who liked writing and sharing my thoughts but slowly moved to the parenting niche.

Why did I choose to be a mommy blogger?

When I first thought of starting my own blog, the first thing which came to my mind was sharing my thoughts as a parent. I did a lot of research and was sure that ‘Parenting’ is something which I can relate to and can share my thoughts easily. The journey as a mommy blogger started in June last year and it has completely changed my life.

Before starting Kreativemommy, I used to blog but it was not related to something in particular. Being a mommy blogger has changed me, helped me, and taught me many new things.

How being a mommy blogger changed/helped me?

When you share your thoughts and ideas as a mom, you feel good as you are sharing your experiences with others. It feels great to write them down and then share them with other moms.

Mommy blog is like a parenting journal and like a box of memories. We can look back and read them or share them with our kids when they grow up. It is like a photo album that has all your family memories stored. And, It is like a treasure box of good old memories.

It is also a great way to learn from other moms. We interact with other parent bloggers and I feel there is so much to learn from each one of them. We as mom bloggers, influence other moms in some way or other and that’s is a great feeling. Learning, sharing, interacting, and sometimes venting out helps us all.

I started out as just a mom blogger and today, I feel like a proud mom blogger. I learnt a lot in the last few months and when I look back, it feels so good. We have come a long way together, me and my blog but there is a long way to go too. Looking forward to many more adventures in the blogging world.

I love being a mom blogger. Do you? Share your stories with us. Would love to hear your thoughts about it.