My reaction when my daughters are not ready to participate in something.

Why are you not going to participate in the competition? You are good at it and I don’t know why you underestimate yourself. It’s all about trying and not about winning. I am giving your name.”

My husband’s reaction when my daughters are not ready to participate in something.

“It’s OK! We know you are good. Don’t participate if you don’t want to.”

I think you got the point!

But this is just one example where we both think differently. I am actually the one who likes to set limits and he really thinks I am too hard on the kids sometimes. I know that I am the one who pushes our kids for everything and I can also be a nagging mom at times. On the other hand, he is pretty much chilled out about many things.

I think if one parent is strict about certain things, other can be chilled out to maintain a balance. So, it is all about working together as a team and being supportive of each other.

I also think it’s OK to be on a different team sometimes as ultimately the goal is same – Effective parenting. But in front of the kids, parents should be on the same team. They should not argue in front of kids even if they disagree on something.

I and my husband are very different in certain things. There are lots of examples like this where we both think differently and do not agree. I think it’s natural for parents to end up on different pages.

On the other hand, I am lucky that he is always there when we need him as he is a very hands-on-dad. The ways of parenting have really changed. My mom used to handle some tasks and my dad was always available for us when it came to studies. My husband was raised in a house where parental duties were mostly assigned to a mother. In spite of all this, his thinking and parenting ideas are different and I am glad that times have changed.

I am glad, if I get them ready for bed, he tucks them and tells them stories.

I am glad, if I scold them, he pampers them.

I am glad, if I push them, he asks them to take it easy.

I am glad, when I am scared for kid’s health, he is there to hold us and reassure us that all is well.

I am glad, if I say no to junk food, he is there to allow it sometimes.

I am glad, he makes sure to accompany me to all annual days and sports days. 

I am glad, when I am a panicky mom, he gives me assurance.

I am glad, he is good in maths, as I am horrible at it.

I am glad, he respects me and takes care of me.

I am glad, my daughters are Daddy’s girls as I was too!

We are working as a team and trying to balance a lot of things. Life is easier when you work together as a team!

Let me know your thoughts about it and how it is in your house.

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