As a mom of two teens, I would like to think that I know it all but believe me, when it comes to parenting, it’s never enough! Parenting is a roller coaster ride. In this ride, along with fun times, jokes, and great talks, there is a lot of guilt, failure, and struggles. I have written articles about parenting from my own experience and also published an EBook about the same. It feels good when other parents relate to what you wrote. I had a similar feeling when I read this book by Ram G Vallath. I am sharing a book review of Active parenting – How to raise children with boundless potential.

About the Author –

RamGopal Vallath or better known as RamG Vallath is an IITIan, a tech company cofounder, a motivational speaker, and an author. At 34, at the height of a very ‘successful ‘ life, Ram was crippled by an autoimmune disorder. He reinvented his life as an author and later on started a new journey of spreading positivity and happiness and empowering others to do so. His first book was a wacky sci-fi for children and the second, a humorous yet inspiring life story of how he converted the setbacks into success. As a speaker, he has addressed over 50,000 children across over 60 schools (free) and a similar number is corporate employees.

About the book –

Active parenting is an anecdote-driven book. It shares some strategies and techniques to build a dozen values/traits/qualities that can help in bringing up a child to be happy, resilient, authentic, purpose-driven, and socially conscious.

The author interacted with a lot of parents from his friend’s circle and otherwise and worked out the guidelines mentioned in the book. At the starting of the book, the author mentioned the SHARP model which is effective for effective parenting. After that, there are-

  • Approach – 5 different approaches to look at while parenting
  • Values – Different values which a parent can instill in children
  • Some fundamental principles

In this book, there is mention of important skills which you can teach your kids. These skills can help your kids throughout their life to cope up with any difficulties. Using examples from everyday life, the author has mentioned easy-to-apply methods to help you gain confidence while raising your kids. There are many examples from day to day life of differnet parents.

What I liked as a mom –  Book review of Active parenting by RamG Vallath

While reading the book, I was constantly nodding my head as I found the book completely relatable. I am sure other parents will find it relatable too. The author has shared a lot of real-life examples from his personal life as a parent and  as a son.

I am not able to decide which is my favourite chapter in the book because there are so many key points throughout the book. But I am sharing two of my favourite lines from the book – The values children display are often a reflection of the values that parents demonstrate. (Chapter – telling by showing)

The second is from the chapter – Befriend but with firm boundaries – The less you say no, the more free-spirited your kids will be.

The book has so many such gems and I wish I could mention them here but I would like you to check the book to know more. This book is from a father’s personal point of view. According to him, there is no one way to raise a child as each child is unique. I completely agree with this approach as a mom of two kids who are completely different. I believe that every child has different capabilities and that’s why the comparison is wrong. Another thing that I also liked is that at the end of each chapter, the author has mentioned the key points which make it easier to remember and understand.

Now when my kids are grown up, I could relate to the examples author gave from his own experience with his kids. This book actually took me back to the time when my kids were small. I wish I had read this book earlier but as the author himself said, we learn with experience.

The roundup –

If you are looking for some answers to your parenting questions, you must check out this active parenting by RamG Vallath. It is a guide for parents who are looking for the right approach to handle their kids. This book has a simple and easy-to-understand language. I have already referred the book to all my family and friends.

I recommend this book to any parent who has wondered how to handle kids in different situations. This book is for every parent who wishes to see their kids grow up into smart, confident, kind, and good human beings. You can order your copy here. It’s available on Amazon.

I give the book 5 stars and looking forward to more helpful and informative books from the author.

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