Today, every second student dreams of making it big in the medical world. The race of cracking the NEET examination is so fierce that many students start the preparation as early as in standard 8th. From taking NEET online mock test to gathering all the relevant study material, they do it all to reach a step closer to becoming a doctor. Many highly-accredited coaching institute offer foundation programs for medical aspirants who plan to start at an early age.

Many parents have enrolled their kids in this program. They are also getting their kids acquainted with new-age learning platforms like Aakash iTutor. They do this all with a belief that early learning will effectively increase problem-solving and analytical thinking skills. Also, their kids will have a career plan to look forward. We understand your concern and here would like to throw some light on the advantages of preparing for NEET from standard VIII.


Time in Hand

Medicine is a great career choice if your kids are inclined towards it. Our community needs competent and qualified doctors to foster the health care system. Having stated that, the medical entrance exam is tough and a lot of dedication and focus is required. Therefore, starting with the preparation and coaching at a good coaching institute early on will give your child enough time to understand the syllabus well. They can get hold of the study material and take NEET online mock test to polish their grasp over the NEET syllabus.

The scope of Learning from Mistakes

This is yet another advantage in starting the preparation early. Your child has the luxury to commit mistakes and then learn from them. While working hard is the mainstay for cracking an entrance exam successful, rectifying one’s mistakes are equally important. By taking NEET online mock tests, your child will be able to identify the weak and strong area of his or her preparation.

Less Pressure

If your child is preparing for NEET early, it is natural that she will be better prepared for the entrance exams. A structured course will set her into the motion. Also, her fundamentals will be clear earlier than most students. While working hard does have its own benefits, but starting early on can improve their chances of cracking the NEET exam.

The Availability of Foundation Programs

Many coaching institutes have a foundation program that prepares students for engineering and medical entrance exams from standard 8th. A foundation program at a coaching institute ensures that your child’s regular studies are not affected in any way. Instead, a foundation program acts as a backbone that builds strong foundations for future. It helps in analytical thinking and teaches several processes that aid in preparation.

The Bottom Line

Though it’s good to think about your child’s future and give him/her a vision from an early age,  you should not force your child into something that they don’t want to do. Make sure you talk to your child before enrolling them in any kind of programs. Also, make sure your child is maintaining a healthy balance between regular studies and entrance examination preparation. With a healthy balance, be certain that your kid will excel in the exams.