Some days start on the right note and go on about smoothly till will kiss them goodnight. But that’s only for some days, why-o-why? The other days can be anything but good. Rather a mixed bag. This is the story of one such mixed bag day.

Last Tuesday started on the right track. I was fully prepared the night before with the breakfast ingredients ready at hand for the next morning show. Yes, at times I do manage to give an above average performance in the kitchen (at times!!!). That day, everything worked to the clockwork precision. Once the morning hustle and bustle was over, I was sipping a hot cup of coffee with stale news aka newspaper to give me company.

The doorbell rang. I got up mechanically as it’s the time my angel, my saviour, my house help arrives and takes charge of the kitchen. As I opened the door with a joy-of-toddler-when-he-sees-his-favorite-toy-kind-of-face, I was greeted with dejection. My angel wore the face that was darker than the clouds gathered in the sky outside. One more step into the house, there started a shower!

I was utterly clueless. Gathering my spirit, I made her comfortable on the sofa and offered her a glass of water. She then narrated a personal problem which made me feel sorry for her. She is one of those rear species of house help who would never bunk her duties! Handing her a cup of tea and some assurance that things will be all right, I asked her to excuse herself from any work that day and head back home.

As she left the house, a great big vacuum held my thinking power as a hostage! Though I was observing the fast that day, by noon two hungry souls would be showing up. To make the matter more complicated, I had a yoga session to attend which was preponed. After Yoga, I am left with not much of energy to buttress up enough motivation to venture into the kitchen. I first thought of making simple khichadi. But then khichadi wouldn’t be enough a morning meal for the grown-up kids, mother in me warned.  The thought of cobbling up a square meal right from scratch in a short while was tormenting for me.

I sank into the sofa chair and watched the warring thoughts of cooking this or that or not cooking anything at all, fight out the battle in my mind. All these thoughts were worthy opponents who were crippling me with every passing minute. I shook my head in frustration and prodded myself, to hire the services of the chef for the lunch. It’s been long as well, I mused that we had visited the restaurant. Let everyone be happy, I thought. And that included me!

Peace prevailed and I went ahead with my routine. Now was the time for the children to return. Usually, the moment the children drop their bag in the living room, the very first question is a repeat telecast!

“What’s for lunch?”, checked the boy.

“Something special”, I replied with a smile. By this time, they had rushed to the kitchen. ‘Weekday + something special’ is definitely an unknown equation at my household. Finding a spick and span kitchen, sans any utensils on a gas stove, added to their mystery.

Something special surprise by a mom


Something special surprise by a mom

“Are we fasting with you?”, quizzed the girl with doubt.

“Not at all”, I replied calmly. “There’s a surprise for both of you”

“Surprise? But I can’t smell it”, said the boy sounding like the disciple of Sherlock Holmes.

“I will reveal the secret only after you take shower and arrive at the dining table”, I announced, not willing to waste time any further. To my utter disbelief, both of them turned up at the dining table in a jiffy. Other days the snail would win the race with them on this count!

As they reached the table, the aromas revealed the secret.

“Paneer! You made paneer today?”, asked the boy in much disbelief.

“Yippie…Dal makhani”, shouted the girl opening up the lid on one of the serving bowls.

The lunch that day was complete not only with tasty tales from school but with a tale behind “something special” from my end too which was a dish by the chef in a kitchen of a restaurant right across the street!

This post is for friendship day special guest post series.

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Anagha Yatin is the face behind the blog “CanvasWithRainbow”. She is a nomad who is wandering with her husband after taking sanyas from the IT world and is growing with her children. When not creating memories with her family and friends, she immerses herself in the wonderful world of writing fictions, short stories, and musings.