As a mother of two girls, the topic of menstruation used to scare me. Not because, it is something scary or something which is unnatural. Just because, I didn’t know how to prepare myself for all the questions regarding the topic. Finally, when the time came, everything went fine and my elder one also got adapted to it pretty soon.

My elder one has friends from different backgrounds and cultures. She would ask me all kinds of questions after listening to some of her friends about the different beliefs related to menstruation.

We don’t have any taboos attached to it and don’t follow any fixed rules like not going to temples, not entering the kitchen, not touching anything etc. I just explained the hygiene related stuff to her and the science behind it.

It breaks my heart to see and hear about all the myths, stories, taboos attached with it. People still follow all the old rituals and see it as some undercover operation. I don’t want to pinpoint any particular community here but some of the things which I know people still follow are-

  1. Do not enter the kitchen- Why not?
  2. Do not touch anything otherwise it will get impure- Really?
  3. Do not go to the temple or touch anything related to God’s- Recently, Sabarimala temple issue was in news for the same reasons. My question is- Why not?
  4. Sit in the room alone and don’t come out for 5 days- Who made these rules?
  5. Don’t take head bath for those 5 days- Is it going to take off all the pain due to the cramps?

I am sure there are many more like this and don’t know when people will understand that it’s a natural thing and not something to be ashamed and embarrassed of.

Few days back, while explaining to my younger one-

Me- Some people don’t go to temple during these 5 days.

A- Why? Goddesses also had it right? They were already in temples as Gods.

Me- Speechless.

Now this was really thought provoking. I have a request to all the moms out there- Stop period shaming! Don’t make it such a big issue that your little girls get uncomfortable talking to even you about it. Tell them that they are beautiful, you are proud of them and it’s a very natural thing and nothing to be ashamed of!

As they say, “Tell your daughters, they are beautiful but also tell them they are strong, smart and capable of anything!”


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