First of all, I am thankful for all the love by my blogger friends. Here are the wonderful people with whom I am co-hosting #ThankfulThursdays.


I believe love cannot be defined by just one relationship. Love is much more than a feeling between two lovers or two people in a relationship.

Moms love – This is the purest form of love which cannot be described in words. As they say, “A mom’s love is unconditional.”

Today I am thankful for my kids and all the love I receive from them in the form of hugs and kisses.

Love for a life partner– Do you have that one person in your life with whom you can share your happiness, sorrows, triumphs, failures?

We slowly get habitual this one person with whom we decide to spend our whole life. And this person becomes the most important part of our life. And we learn to love each other despite the differences.

Today I am thankful for this love in the form of my life partner as it makes me strong, happy and contented.

Love for parents– Parents are like the first love for their kids and first love is always special. We sometimes disagree with our parents, fight with them, take them for granted at times. But we know they will be always there for us.

I lost this love a few years back but I am sure they are somewhere there watching out for me.

Today I am thankful for their love and blessings.

Love for friends– We all need some good friends in our life and a true friend is a blessing. I take some time to be close to a person. And I need to get that positive vibe from you to be your friend.

Today I am thankful for the love of good and helpful friends. On the other hand, also thankful for those who taught me whom to trust and whom not to.

Love for siblings- Whenever my kids fight with each other, I always tell them that after few years you both will be best friends. And I know they won’t understand this now. I feel it’s very important to have siblings in your life as there is no other relationship like this one.

Today I am thankful for the love of both my siblings. A caring elder sister who is more like a mom and a sweet younger brother who is always there for me.

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. The love which is not restricted to only one relationship in our life. And I believe whatever we are today is because of love from all these relationships in our life.

Why are you thankful for love in your life?


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