Diwali is just around the corner. I love celebrating Diwali with my family and friends. The best part about Diwali is the food, Diwali traditional decorations, the get-together, and fun times with family. But the worst part is the Diwali cleaning, especially the kitchen. I mostly make Diwali sweets at home a few days before the festival. As a result of all the Diwali festive food cooking, my kitchen looks messy by the end of it. But I found a solution and I am sharing 3 tips for Diwali kitchen cleaning with you.

3 Diwali-inspired kitchen cleaning tips

Kitchen cleaning involves a lot of different steps. You can divide the crockery cleaning, racks, cupboards, tiles, etc. for two different days. Diwali is a time when we all like doing a deep cleaning. So, apart from kitchen areas, you can clean grease and stains in kitchen appliances like microwaves. Before we get into kitchen cleaning, you can check out my tips to clean the microwave and make it sparkly and shiny.

Let’s divide the kitchen into different sections.


Kitchen top

Sink and drainage


Clean with the natural ingredients from your kitchen

There are a few ingredients like lemon, baking soda, vinegar, salt, etc. that you can use to clean your kitchen. These things can be used on a regular basis but make sure you do not use them on any surfaces like granite and marble etc. as it can lead to dullness in the shine.

Essential tips for daily cleaning –

Invest in good cleaning tools like brushes, towels, scrubbers, etc.

Make sure your kitchen is clean before starting to cook.

Try to keep your sink clean. Do not pile up dishes and keep it free to wash vegetables etc.

Clean immediately after you are done cooking and do not leave it for later. Sometimes it gets difficult to clean the stains.

Invest in good kitchen cleaning products. I am sharing one of my favourites in the next point.

Cif power and shine spray –

As I mentioned at the start, I cook a lot of Diwali festive food a few days before the festival, Cif power and shine spray help me in cleaning the gas stove. The kitchen gas burners need special cleaning due to a lot of food spillage. I have a complete list of Diwali sweet recipes and the kitchen stove gets really dirty while making all the sweets. It’s a time when our kitchen should be sparkly clean and that’s why Cif power and shine spray is my go-to for keeping the gas burners and stove sparkly and shiny.

For normal stains, spray it and leave it for some time and wipe it clean. Do not rinse it. It is a multipurpose cleaner you can use on different kitchen surfaces like kitchen countertops, tiles, cabinets, etc. It gives 100% shine and stain removal. I am no longer worried about food spillage during Diwali festive cooking. My kitchen is back to sparkly and shiny after cleaning with Cif. So, what are you waiting for? Order it now to get a sparkly and shiny kitchen this Diwali.

The kitchen is definitely the center of the house and it’s a place where most of the magic happens. So, kitchen cleaning should be a regular thing to avoid last-minute cleaning during Diwali. This will surely reduce the stress of cleaning during celebrations. I hope you liked the tips for Diwali kitchen cleaning shared above. Please let us know if you have more tips or tricks to clean during the festive season.


CIF Power & Shine spray is safe to use in the kitchen