I am always thankful as a blogger,

As blogging gave me wings and keeps me sane.

I aspired to be one and now I finallyย arrived,

Blogging helps me to be creative,

And ‘creative’ is my favourite word.

I am always thankful as a blogger,

As blogging helps me to share my thoughts with others,

And gives me an outlet for my emotions.

Blogging keeps me happy and balanced,

And my readers helps me by giving their valuable comments.

I am always thankful as a blogger,

As blogging gave me some great new friends,

Who are my best supporter and worst critics.

They inspire me and they guide me,

I can count on them for anything.

I am always thankful as a blogger,

As it is has helped me to be more confident,

And also helped me to face my fears.

Blogging is like a creative outlet,

Whichย made me believe that nothing is impossible,

And it is also like a never-ending fun.

I started blogging a few years ago but it was more like sharing my own thoughts in a secret diary. After moving to my own space 6 months ago, I actually realised the true value of blogging. It is like a big sea of opportunities, creativity, imaginations, ideas, thoughts, expressiveness and inspiration.

I am like a small fish in this big sea now but enjoying everything about it. I am thankful not only for blogging but also for all those people who are walking with me on this beautiful journey. And all those readers who read and leave beautiful comments on my posts that encourage me more to share my thoughts with everybody.

Are you thankful as a blogger? I would love to know your thoughts about it in the comments.

I will always be thankful to blogging for giving wings to my creativity. Why are you thankful for blogging?ย