Weight gain can be due to many different reasons. It is not only due to over eating or lack of exercise. Sometimes it can be due to hormonal imbalance, side effects of some pills, or some disorder.

Whether it’s hormonal, a medication side effect, or something else, one need to consult a proper dietician or doctor to know the exact reason.

Here is a list of few small things which can lead to weight gain if proper care not taken-

  1. Sleep deprivation

    – Do you know a bad night sleep can lead to weight gain too?ย Missing out on a good night’s sleep can leave us feeling grumpy and anxious, and may smother all our weight loss efforts. Some hormones are produced when we are sleeping and lack of sleep can disturb this balance. We end up feeling hungry which leads to weight gain. Try to eat early and do regular exercise to sleep better.

  2. Stress

    If we are stressed or unhappy, our body produces some hormones which lead to weight gain. It is called ‘cortisol’ which can make you crave junk food. Cortisol is also called ‘stress hormone’ as it is produced in stress and suppresses the production of insulin leading to availability of glucose immediately. All this leads to more hunger and craving and ultimately weight gain.ย To avoid this, relax and stay calm, try meditation, exercise and yoga to manage stress.

  3. Age factor

    With age our metabolism also decreases and there are more chances of weight gain. But do you know some people gain but some people do not gain with age? Reason- We reduce our exercise time and move less than we used to and this leads to piling up of calories. Also metabolic rate slows down and we lose muscle mass more than earlier. So, there is a need to eat less calories comparatively but if you are still eating same amount of calories, it can lead to weight gain. Stay active and eat healthy is the mantra.

  4. Medications

    – There are lot of medications that can lead to weight gain. Consult your doctor on side effects and avoid taking anything which is not needed or compulsory for you. Some medications can cause craving for carbohydrates leading to weight gain. Sometimes changing a medication can also help as some medicines are more likely to cause weight gain.

  5. Less water-

    Do you know drinking less water can also cause weight gain? Don’t be dehydrated and drink at least 8 glasses of water.ย Many people do not drink enough water in a day and we forget that all our body systems in your depends on water. Water helps to flushes toxins out and carries nutrients and provide moisturisation. Lack of water can lead to dehydration which can cause a problem in losing fat, slows down metabolism and can ultimately lead to weight gain.

So, sleep more, stay happy, drink more water and avoid stress and any unwanted medications. Do you think any such factor is causing you to gain weight?

This post is for Day 25 of UBC and Daily Chatter