All the festivals take us down the memory lane. We always remember the childhood time when we used to celebrate with family. Whether it was buying new clothes, sweets, and firecrackers on Diwali, or going with parents to see Ravan-Dahan on Dusshera, those memories are priceless.

Holi is the only festival which I enjoy more now than in childhood. Although, it was always fun to eat gujiyas made by mom and to play it with my siblings but there was a restriction.

It’s not that our parents stopped us from going out but the whole atmosphere was never very safe.

There are some things which are not right and it’s sad when people do not understand the real meaning of the festival. I am glad that my girls are able to enjoy Holi with friends today as we live in a closed community where outsiders are not allowed. It’s not only safe but a lot of fun to celebrate with friends.

Here are my 5 tips for a safe and happy Holi for kids-

  • Apply oil or moisturiser before going out to play Holi. Oil helps to prevent skin and hair damage and also helps to remove colors later.
  • Use only herbal or non-toxic colors. Also, encourage others to use herbal colors as these are safe for skin. Teach your kids to respectful and not rude with others.
  • Keep water handy and splash some water immediately in case of any irritation in eyes or skin. Teach small kids not to put anything in the mouth.
  • Buy safe water guns and water balloons for kids. Avoid using water balloons as much as possible as these can be dangerous. While getting water guns/pichkaris for your little ones, make sure to buy ones which are safe and easy to use.
  • Dress them up properly to avoid sun tan and to keep skin safe from colors. It’s better to make them wear full sleeves shirts with pants and non-slippery shoes.

These were some tips from my mommy bag. Now waiting to hear from you.

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