We moved to Bangalore almost 6 years back and my daughters also joined a new school. My younger one was just 5 when we came here. I remember when she came back from school and immediately told me about one of the girls in her class who used to wear something on her ears. I understood that she was talking about the cochlear implants and explained it to her. As she was just 5 at that time, I didn’t go into too many details.

I remembered this incident recently after I got a call to attend an event by Cochlear India which is a Cochlear implant company that designs, manufactures and supplies Cochlear™ implants, the most popular among which are Nucleus™ and Kanso™.

It is a global market leader and the most popular brand for hearing implants. Joining hands with the WHO, ‘Make a sound investment’ is the theme they are following for 2017.

India is the most impacted country when it comes to hearing loss. And people are still not aware of many things.

We were invited on World Hearing Day to attend the event with our kids as there was a screening of ears for checking hearing.  The initiative by Cochlear India to spread awareness about hearing loss in kids is applaudable and impressive.

There was a team of doctors who were checking kids and moms at the event. I and my younger one who is 10 years old, went to the event and initially my younger one was hesitant to get her ears checked.  But the whole procedure took a very less time. It was a very easy and non-time consuming procedure.

According to WHO (World Health Organisation) and WHA (World Health Assembly), these are some of the facts-

Do you know that 360 million people worldwide have a hearing disability?

Do you know over 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents?

50%of hearing loss is preventable through public health actions like Immunisation, healthy ear habits and effective treatment.

Hearing loss affects all age groups and 60% hear loss in childhood is preventable

Cochlear India is helping in spreading this awareness about hearing health by working with hearing health professionals and NGO’S.

Recently I attended a bloggers meet to spread awareness and there were good arrangements to keep kids busy at the event too.

We also got a chance to meet Brett Lee who is the Global Hearing Ambassador for Cochlear India.  It was overwhelming to know his thoughts and how there is still a need for awareness about the whole thing. We saw the latest technology implants which were small and light in weight. It is called Kanso™, the most discreet and smart innovation in the field of implants today.

I have been coming to India a lot and it is an amazing technology which makes it possible for kids to hear and get a gift of sound back in their life. They should be given the gift of sound as we all have and parents have a huge role to play in this by getting them screened as soon as possible. I am lucky that I can use my profile for this cause. People are more aware because of Cochlear and we have to stop looking at it as a stigma by making people aware of it. – Brett Lee.

As a mom, it breaks my heart to see kids with hearing disability and we also got to meet a 10-year-old girl Komal who got Cochlear implants. It was nice to hear her and her mother’s experiences about it.

It will not be difficult to spread awareness if we all work together to spread this knowledge. With few more changes, it is possible in India too.

On the one hand, it was sad to know all the facts about our country and on the other hand, I feel happy to be a part of such great cause.

Today, as a mom, I want to send this message to all parents out there – Get your kids’ ears checked soon after birth and at regular intervals after that. There is nothing as important as your child’s health and wellbeing. 

To know more about them-

Twitter Handle: @CochlearIndia
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CochlearIndia
Website: http://www.cochlear.com/wps/wcm/connect/in/home

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