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‘A true artist is not the one who is inspired but the one who inspires others.’- Salvador Dali.

I am back with another inspirational story of a mompreneur who is a great artist and mostly self-learnt. I introduce to you – Mrs. Shipra Gupta who is a wife, mom and an artist and art teacher.

Sharing with you all, Shipra’s journey in her own words-

What’s your background?

I belong to very small town Moosanagar near Kanpur from UP. We are three sisters and as you know how it is in a small town when you have three girl child, but my parents were very supportive. They did whatever they can do and they did best for all of us.

 I completed my post-graduation in English Literature & after that completed my Fashion designing course.

When did you start painting?

 I always had a creative hand & used to do embroidery & paintings on clothes. I used to do some craft works whenever I had time after marriage and with my 2 kids.

In 2012 when my younger one started school, I started thinking about doing something. I joined one class in Noida called Stroke art where I learnt different techniques of sketching, painting and worked in different mediums. In between, I also learnt different craft works like Tanjore painting, mural works, paper machete, stain glass, relief work, mix media, Glass tanjore etc. and slowly started taking orders.

How did you start your journey as an artist?

As I mentioned before, I started my journey in 2012 as a hobby but slowly started getting orders. I started taking orders professionally and in 2014 we moved to Chennai from Noida because of my husband’s job.

I got more exposure and got a chance to meet new artists & also got a chance to see their work. In Chennai, I joined Chennai weekend artists group which was of great help. We moved to Bangalore in 2015 and at one point had 70 students in my classes. It was a very good experience.

Bangalore is a good place for artists. I joined many workshops & did some group shows & got chances to make new friends.

What is your inspiration or where do you get inspiration for your art work?

 My husband and kids are very supportive. I am blessed to have very good friends and in laws who support me too. My family and the things around are my inspiration.


Shipra with her family

 Are you involved in any social work?

Good, you asked as recently I am trying to do some social work too through my art works. I did some art activities for an orphanage. I also joined one event in which we made paintings for Indian army and one for organ donation drive too.

One of my painting got selected in IWS KOSOVO. Recently one of my painting got first prize in an online art contest. I worked on one project in which we did work on our society walls for beautification as well as gave some social messages.

What is your favorite art work from your own work and why?

This is my favourite art work. This was selected in International water colour artist group Kosovo for an exhibition.

Most important tip for other artists or for struggling mompreneurs.

 As an artist, the toughest part of this field is getting a good market for our paintings. I am doing 6/7 hours of art work in a day to improve myself.

It’s important to have patience as it’s a slow process. I know some of my good artist friends who quit this work because of this reason. One should start but never expect it to grow fast. Go with the flow and keep doing good work.

What is your vision? How are you planning to grow as an artist?

 Getting more involved in social work is the next step. I want to make one artists group where we all will work together. This is a dream and will start working on it once my kids grow up.

As an artist, I also want to do something for my country.

What lesson do we learn from Shipra’s journey as a mompreneur?

Shipra is a creative mom who went ahead and pursued what she loved. She had talent but her dedication took her places.

Dedication and hard work always pay off. So, moms,  if Shipra can do it, you can too. What say?

To know more about her art work, Please visit her Fb page here.

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